National Drive Electric Week

If you're thinking of organizing or helping at an event, please join us for a Drive Electric Earth Day Webinar:

Drive Electric Earth Day: How To Participate Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 11 am PST/2 pm EST

National Drive Electric Week celebrations will be taking place during September 14-22, 2019. Events will be happening across the US and other countries. See below for a list of events. To find an event near you, visit the map of events.

In addition to National Drive Electric Week events, and Drive Electric Earth Day events, see below for information on other Drive Electric Events that take place throughout the year.

National Drive Electric Week Events

City State/Province Country Day(s)
Kelowna British Columbia Canada Sep 15, 2019
Sechelt British Columbia Canada n/a
Brampton Ontario Canada n/a
Kitchener Ontario Canada Sep 21, 2019
Sudbury Ontario Canada Sep 21, 2019
Auburn Alabama USA n/a
Birmingham Alabama USA n/a
Juneau Alaska USA n/a
Scottsdale Arizona USA n/a
Berkeley California USA Sep 14, 2019
Chatsworth California USA n/a
Gardena California USA Sep 14, 2019
Mammoth Lakes California USA Sep 14, 2019
Manteca California USA n/a
Oxnard California USA Sep 22, 2019
Palo Alto California USA Sep 22, 2019
San Diego California USA n/a
San Luis Obispo California USA Sep 14, 2019
Santa Cruz California USA Sep 14, 2019
Fort Collins Colorado USA n/a
Fairfield Connecticut USA Sep 14, 2019
Putnam Connecticut USA Sep 21, 2019
Destin Florida USA Sep 21, 2019
Tallahassee Florida USA n/a
Hilo Hawaii USA Sep 21, 2019
Kamuela Hawaii USA Sep 14, 2019
Carlyle Illinois USA Sep 14, 2019
Galena Illinois USA Sep 14, 2019
West Des Moines Iowa USA Sep 19, 2019
Concordia Kansas USA n/a
Lawrence Kansas USA Sep 14, 2019
Lafayette Louisiana USA Sep 16-20, 2019
South Portland Maine USA Sep 21, 2019
Annapolis Maryland USA Sep 14, 2019
Poolesville Maryland USA Sep 21, 2019
Middleton Massachusetts USA Sep 14, 2019
Rowley Massachusetts USA Sep 21, 2019
Grand Rapids Michigan USA n/a
Minneapolis Minnesota USA Sep 14, 2019
Lincoln Nebraska USA Sep 22, 2019
Omaha Nebraska USA Sep 15, 2019
Plymouth New Hampshire USA n/a
Ithaca New York USA n/a
Poughkeepsie New York USA n/a
Rochester New York USA n/a
Syracuse New York USA n/a
Charlotte North Carolina USA Sep 19, 2019
Perrysburg Ohio USA Sep 14, 2019
Tulsa Oklahoma USA n/a
Cranberry Township Pennsylvania USA Sep 21, 2019
Erie Pennsylvania USA Sep 21, 2019
Memphis Tennessee USA Sep 19, 2019
Corpus Christi Texas USA n/a
Blacksburg Virginia USA n/a
Bellevue Washington USA n/a
Issaquah Washington USA Sep 15, 2019
Liberty Lake Washington USA Sep 14, 2019
Kaukauna Wisconsin USA Sep 14, 2019
58 Events
City State/Province Country Day(s)

Other Upcoming Drive Electric Events

City State/Province Country Date
Issaquah Washington USA May 05, 2019
Steilacoom Washington USA Sep 07, 2019
2 Events

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