National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week Event Agreement

Event Requirements

Purpose The purpose of National Drive Electric Week is to promote the widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles by organizing events where owners interact with the public to explain the many advantages of driving electric. All participating events must have three critical elements:

1. owners of plug-in vehicles interested in sharing their experience
2. a variety of plug-in vehicles on display with no restrictions on automaker
3. open to the public.

Dates To be considered a part of National Drive Electric Week, an event must be held on one or more days between September 27th and 6th, 2024. We appreciate and encourage events held other times of the year but those events will not be supported as part of National Drive Electric Week.

Title The event title used in promotional materials must include National Drive Electric Week.

Promotion All promotional materials (press releases, posters, flyers, etc.) must note that "National Drive Electric Week is presented by Plug In America, Electric Vehicle Association, Sierra Club, EVHybridNoire, and Drive Electric USA and recognize Platinum Sponsors e.g. "Nissan LEAF® is the Exclusive Automotive Sponsor" as in the NDEW Group Logo. Web links and organization logos should be included when appropriate, following the logo usage requirements.

Sponsors All local event sponsors must meet the above promotion requirements. It is the organizer’s responsibility to ensure that sponsors and partners also meet these requirements with their communications and promotion of the event. Information for sponsors is available on the sponsorship page.

Ride & Drives The most effective way to convince people that plug-in vehicles are a viable alternative to gas cars is to let them experience driving electric. Events should make every effort to provide test rides/drives. We prefer this be done by owners, but dealer-operated test drives are also acceptable.

Eligible Vehicles Only plug-in electric vehicles may be featured at National Drive Electric Week events. Emphasis should be given to freeway-capable production vehicles although others may be included. Other alternative fuel vehicles may play an important role in our future, but they are not part of National Drive Electric Week. Excluded vehicle types include conventional, hybrid, natural gas (CNG), propane, and hydrogen vehicles, which have no capability for charging a traction battery from grid electricity.

Event Funding Local organizers are solely responsible for any costs arising from their local event. The national organizers are not responsible for funding local events.

Attendee Registration The event site provides for attendee registration. No other registration method can be required or promoted on the web site. Organizers are allowed to ask registered attendees for more information and can use other methods for promoting their event, e.g., Facebook events,, EventBrite, etc, but should still encourage all attendees to register via the site.

Attendee Contact Information Privacy Event organizers may have access to contact information for event registrants. This information must be kept private and may only be used to convey information about the event for which they registered. All other uses are prohibited unless specific permission is obtained from the registrant. Prohibited actions include sharing contact information with other organizations, adding registrants to groups or mailing lists, and sending email messages that expose registrant email addresses to others by including those addresses on the TO or CC line.

Services Provided Events which meet the requirements get an event page on the web site, which includes tools for promoting the event, registering attendees, and collecting information from owners offering to show their vehicles and answer questions. The national organizers provide training and information on event planning, and promote attendance and awareness at the national level through traditional and social media. See the Event Planning Guide page for more information on what we provide.

Privacy Policy We value your privacy. See our privacy policy below.

Code of Conduct All event organizers must follow our code of conduct.

Event Liability The responsibility for each event lies with the local event organizers. Plug In America, Electric Vehicle Association, Sierra Club, EVHybridNoire, and Drive Electric USA and all national sponsors disclaim any responsibility or liability. By agreeing to these terms, as an event organizer, you agree to hold each such organization harmless and release all from any liability for your event(s).

Event and city captain selection is at the sole discretion of the the National Drive Electric Week organizing committee.

For questions about this agreement, contact: [events-2024 at driveelectricweek dot org].

You agreed to these terms on December 31, 1969.

Privacy Policy If you choose to sign up for an event, we will use your email address only for occasional communications regarding National Drive Electric Week and your event. We will only share your email address with the national organization(s) you indicate as an affiliation (if any). If you choose to volunteer for an event, the event organizers will receive your email address and phone number(s) so they can contact you to coordinate your involvement in the event. If you choose to become an event organizer, we also use your email address to allow people to contact you via a web form without revealing your email address to them. We monitor communications sent through the web site and take appropriate precautions to prevent spam.

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