National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Santa Cruz, CA
Sep 14, 2019

Day: Saturday, September 14, 2019 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Time: 12 PM - 5 PM
Location: Downtown Santa Cruz, all of Cooper St onto Pacific Av & Front St
All of Cooper St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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Event Report

We have watched awareness and interest increase so much over the years with this one being our best ever. Many are coming already informed just wanting some final questions answered or a Test Drive before they are ready to make the big switch. We have gone from many in the past saying, "huh, electric what?" to now one city council member being invited congratulating us on our work saying that his family already had a Bolt and a Leaf; and another who I was inviting said almost apologetically that he had not gotten his YET, as if, of course it was something he would be doing.  Our sheriff, who I have talked with extensively, has a Tesla Model 3 that he loves and knows everything about that his young son has named the Batmobile. And, 

Through social media blasts, we had ways for people to pre-register for Test Drives and Rides, we had a phenomenal record of about 145 given in 5 hours this time. We seemed to have had a breakthrough with local dealers who in the past were either not interested or who flaked at the last minute, to this year willing to participate with 5 display EVs and 8 Test Drive and Ride EVs -- unprecedented!  Also, EV owners were happy with getting to show off their EVs and were pleased with the many positive interactions they had with attendees. 

We all enjoyed a great event with lots of help this, our 9th year, doing NDEW and hope others did as well! 

photo by: Sabrina Delk
Overview of Drive Electric Day in Downtown Santa Cruz

Event Description


The Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance in partnership with Ecology Action and the local Electric Auto Association Central Coast Chapter will be hosting National Drive Electric Day – Monterey Bay on Saturday, September 14th from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Downtown Santa Cruz, all of Cooper St. and onto Pacific Ave. and Front St. We will have a large electric vehicle (EV) display area including a number of the most popular EVs on the market today. You’ll have a chance to talk with EV owners about their experiences with driving electric. Plus, we'll have FREE Electric Vehicle test drives with local dealers and owners, and electric bike test rides! There will also be some solar and other sustainable-related booths.

According to local emissions assessments, over 50% of our regional climate changing GreenHouse Gas Emissions come from vehicles. Electric Vehicles offer an immediate elimination of driving emissions, zero from the  tailpipe and zero when plugged into the carbon-free electricity purchased from our local Monterey Bay Community Power. We invite you to learn why we are so excited about the many benefits of the future of driving, including contributing to saving the planet.

We look forward to your bringing the family to join us for a great educational day!

Registered Attendees

There are currently 75 attendees registered.

Owners of These Vehicles Have Registered To Attend

Vehicle Registered
Chevrolet Bolt 5
Tesla Model 3 5
Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) 3
Toyota Plug-in Prius 2
Chevrolet Volt 1
Chevy Spark EV 1
Ford Fusion Energi 1
Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid 1
Jaguar I-Pace 1
Kia Soul EV 1
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 1
Tesla Model S 1
Tesla Model X 1
13 Models 24

Registered attendees report 509,414 electric miles driven.

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