National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Taipei, Taiwan
Sep 22, 2019

Day: Sunday, September 22, 2019 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Location: Taipei, Taiwan 10 111
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Event Report

Taiwan's first run at National Drive Electric Week got off to great start with its inaugural event in Taipei. A most diverse collection of all types of e-mobility, from the DIYers fashioning their own e-bikes and e-motorcycles, to Taiwan's first Tesla Model 3 and classic Roadster, first Gogoro Smartscooter motorbike and an array of other plug-in vehicles, including a few PHEVs which we opted to still include at this point in EV history. Our venue location was sponsored by one largest department stores in the city, Mitsukoshi, and we had a steady flow of foot traffic moving through our vehicles on display, chatting with owners, and occasionally testing out e-bikes and e-mopeds. As Taiwan has the highest density of mopeds per square kilometer in the world, it is these 2-wheeled beasts that comprise the majority of vehicle air and noise pollution in our cities, and so where electric cars receive an emphasis in other National Drive Electric Day events, it's vitally important to our local environment not to neglect all the various forms of 2-wheeled electric transport, from pedal-assist bikes to e-mopeds to e-motorcycles, as well as some of the personal mobility devices popular here. Our turnout was diverse, and we were pleased to see legislator Jason Hsu in attendance, as well as our array of international friends joined in supporting clean mobility. Taiwan's CTO of XING Mobility, a cutting-edge EV R&D firm, Azizi Tucker, formerly of Tesla Motors (he was one of the first 100 Tesla employees, and was in charge of the Asian parts supply chain) gave us invaluable support in the planning stages, as well as the CTO of our local e-moped share outfit, WeMo, which had e-mopeds on hand for anyone without an EV to get rolling for their first time on an EV without owning one. The Tesla Model 3 had just begun seeing delivery the day before the event, and we had the first privately owned Model 3 in Taiwan, attending. All vehicles wound up taking a spin together at the end of the day through the city and to the riverside park, for a final photo shoot as the sun set. This was a thoroughly unique event for Taiwan, a pan-EV movement such as has not been attempted here before. We're looking ahead to 2020 as clean e-mobility and public awareness through events like these, gain an even stronger foothold. 

Vehicles present:

Electric cars: BMW i3 (x2), Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S (x3), Tesla Model X , Roadster Classic, BMW X5e, BMW i8, Mercedes S550e, Think City, Luxgen M7 (x2), 2020 Nissan Leaf

Electric motorcycles: Custom build by RCE Power, and a custom build by master local tech Kaimen

Electric mopeds: Gogoro Smartscooter, Gogoro 3, WeMo Scooter Kymco (x5), custom builds (x3)

Electric pedal-assist bikes: AOI.CYCLE (x2), BESV mountain e-bike, BESV city e-bike, BESV touring e-bike, BESV multi-child carrier e-bike, Db0 e-bike

Personal mobility devices: custom build electric skateboards (x5), electric stand scooters (x3)

photo by: Jason Yeh
All the riders and drivers gathering for a sunset photo near the river in Taipei. Pictured on far left: David Edward Lane, city captain. 3rd from left: Ken Aoi, designer of AOI.CYCLE. 5th from left: Azizi Tucker of XING Mobility. 7th from left: Kris Lee, city captain.

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