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Event Registration Summary

  • 196 events in 187 cities
  • 4 countries
  • 40 US states
  • 7 Canadian provinces
  • 13,866 registered attendees
  • 3,812 registered vehicles

Detailed Reports

Registered Attendees By Event

Event Registered
E-Miles Driven
Los Angeles, CA 1,223 231 4,860,505 Y
San Diego, CA 796 115 1,712,921 Y
San Mateo, CA 598 34 616,531 Y
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 466 125 2,312,577 Y
Cupertino, CA 454 132 2,585,398
Atlanta, GA 328 131 1,266,681
Issaquah, WA 253 71 1,345,623 Y
Asheville, NC 228 41 352,001
Cohoes, NY 225 54 687,717 Y
Waukesha, WI 223 54 1,028,475 Y
Fort Lauderdale, FL 219 49 818,076 Y
San Antonio, TX 216 37 573,274 Y
Woodland Hills, CA 215 60 1,372,579
Devon, PA 197 35 546,527 Y
Wilsonville, OR 196 55 1,066,267 Y
Littleton, CO 196 25 482,480 Y
Diamond Bar, CA 180 51 911,092
Orlando, FL 176 42 830,843 Y
St. Petersburg, FL 174 31 569,426 Y
Jacksonville, FL 173 36 563,368
Torrance, CA 168 45 1,205,691 Y
St. Louis, MO 165 46 815,796 Y
Austin, TX 158 42 657,861 Y
Naperville, IL 156 41 641,293 Y
Scottsdale, AZ 147 49 786,088 Y
Satellite Beach, FL 137 29 653,942 Y
Long Beach, CA 130 44 1,053,454
Pinecrest, FL 128 32 477,762 Y
Fresno, CA 126 31 464,329 Y
Boise, ID 122 37 380,412 Y
Bellingham, WA 114 30 533,381 Y
Richmond, VA 114 43 865,615 Y
Houston, TX 110 38 552,242 Y
Boulder, CO 109 29 345,282 Y
Palo Alto, CA 105 26 442,550 Y
Oklahoma City, OK 104 31 331,749 Y
Charleston, SC 102 27 425,513 Y
Cranston, RI 101 23 259,042 Y
Worcester, MA 100 34 385,463 Y
Denver, CO 93 18 217,000
Raleigh, NC 91 32 699,481 Y
Shelburne, VT 88 20 229,766 Y
Lake Grove, NY 87 23 335,400 Y
Santa Monica, CA 84 14 119,562
Ann Arbor, MI 83 20 274,043 Y
Washington, DC 82 33 643,208 Y
Columbia, SC 80 11 120,500 Y
Madison, WI 80 38 383,088 Y
South Charlotte, NC 80 30 428,138 Y
Brookline, MA 79 33 467,378 Y
Novato, CA 79 20 458,690
Morristown, NJ 78 36 729,922 Y
Fort Lauderdale, FL 77 18 240,200
Poolesville, MD 75 42 842,820 Y
Murray, UT 75 19 298,624 Y
Liberty Lake, WA 75 27 333,477 Y
Montclair, NJ 73 27 546,021 Y
Golden, CO 69 19 291,430
Las Vegas, NV 68 23 372,603 Y
Middletown, CT 67 20 402,017 Y
Durham, NH 64 15 174,629
Annapolis, MD 62 24 268,580 Y
Tallahassee, FL 62 20 318,092 Y
Santa Rosa, CA 61 17 301,008 Y
South Portland, ME 61 18 212,091 Y
Bloomington, MN 60 28 478,300 Y
Steilacoom, WA 60 31 519,926 Y
Capitola, CA 59 14 142,886 Y
Calgary, AB 59 24 395,598 Y
Fort Myers, FL 57 24 373,923 Y
Colorado Springs, CO 55 16 163,319
Rochester, NY 54 25 399,905 Y
Columbus, OH 54 18 178,009 Y
Oldsmar, FL 54 22 385,694
Sarasota, FL 50 22 408,426
Valencia, CA 50 18 313,400
Longmont, CO 50 15 212,376
Pittsburgh, PA 49 21 250,789 Y
Naperville, IL 47 11 190,300 Y
Falls Church, VA 46 10 155,430 Y
Victoria, BC 45 15 206,340 Y
Syracuse, NY 44 23 214,397
Sechelt, BC 43 19 306,800 Y
Bluffton, SC 41 13 156,080 Y
Kalamazoo, MI 40 15 255,599 Y
Fairfield, CT 40 20 145,197 Y
Waterloo, ON 39 20 306,064 Y
Herndon, VA 39 15 270,403 Y
Old Saybrook, CT 37 13 265,445 Y
Edmonton, AB 37 15 253,200
Boston, MA 36 5 113,600
Katy, TX 36 17 255,600 Y
Jeffersontown, KY 36 7 115,329 Y
Poughkeepsie, NY 36 15 199,048 Y
Chattanooga, TN 34 15 208,740
Cranberry Township, PA 34 17 191,324 Y
Frederick, MD 33 14 240,700 Y
Prairie Village, KS 32 17 219,875
Norwalk, CT 32 14 177,936 Y
Richmond, CA 31 13 145,351 Y
Ojai, CA 30 14 226,693 Y
Palm Desert, CA 30 13 145,100
Paramus, NJ 29 3 86,000 Y
Knoxville, TN 29 16 260,481 Y
Amherst, MA 28 3 39,900
Kennett Square, PA 28 17 436,640 Y
Ashburn, VA 28 12 248,558 Y
St. Paul, MN 28 14 194,376
Folsom, CA 27 6 79,730
Davis, CA 27 8 116,790
Indianapolis, IN 27 8 112,455 Y
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 26 13 125,210 Y
Madison, NJ 25 15 316,548 Y
Springfield, OR 25 9 130,491 Y
Seven Springs, PA 24 13 397,794 Y
Mt Spokane, WA 23 13 244,391 Y
Saskatoon, SK 23 5 138,703 Y
Farmington, CT 23 9 172,629 Y
Overland Park, KS 22 12 181,754
Plymouth, MA 22 7 78,250
Tucson, AZ 22 8 96,910 Y
Goleta, CA 21 12 102,756
Rockville, MD 21 9 94,808 Y
Baton Rouge, LA 20 7 152,000 Y
Lihue, HI 19 6 58,310 Y
Orlando, FL 19 0 Y
West Hartford, CT 19 10 182,330 Y
Memphis, TN 18 8 141,831
Bossier City, LA 18 8 142,000 Y
Waldorf, MD 18 10 235,750 Y
Westfield, MA 18 7 56,520 Y
New Britain, CT 18 9 178,977 Y
Lafayette, CO 17 2 20,000 Y
Ukiah, CA 17 6 61,900 Y
Natick, MA 17 8 129,638
Lincoln City, OR 16 10 135,774 Y
Hilo, HI 16 6 117,000 Y
Waikoloa, HI 15 4 92,140 Y
Huntsville, AL 15 9 151,500 Y
Louisville, KY 14 1
St. John’s, NL 13 6 102,641 Y
Concord, NH 13 6 177,349 Y
Rifle, CO 13 4 11,020 Y
Knoxville, TN 13 6 57,481 Y
Conyers, GA 13 4 64,500 Y
Willimantic, CT 13 8 193,747 Y
Lincoln City, OR 12 8 80,574 Y
Regina, SK 12 4 69,910 Y
West Des Moines, IA 10 5 93,460 Y
Pensacola, FL 10 4 107,750 Y
Dundas, ON 10 7 351,500 Y
Richland, WA 10 1 17,000 Y
Newark, NJ 10 6 95,100
Germantown, TN 9 6 109,631 Y
Fort Collins, CO 9 1 17,000 Y
Yachats, OR 9 5 79,000 Y
Durham, CT 8 5 92,900
Salt Spring Island, BC 8 1 30,000 Y
Charlotte, NC 8 1 3,000 Y
Juneau, AK 7 6 61,600 Y
Camillus, NY 7 4 47,500
Baltimore, MD 7 1 19,963 Y
Pembroke, NC 7 0 Y
Bolton, ON 7 4 45,000 Y
Winnipeg, MB 6 4 64,515 Y
Bothell, WA 6 5 51,000 Y
Shawinigan, QC 6 0
Destin, FL 6 2 13,000 Y
Ashland, OR 6 3 19,900 Y
Dallas, NC 6 3 84,583
Salisbury, NC 6 4 50,600 Y
Wenatchee, WA 5 4 97,600 Y
Pigeon Forge, TN 5 5 62,241 Y
Hanover, PA 5 3 80,797
Springfield, OR 5 3 54,790 Y
Fort Collins, CO 5 2 20,000 Y
Atlantic City, NJ 4 2 42,000 Y
Scarborough, ON 3 2 17,000 Y
Loveland, CO 3 0 Y
Spencer, NC 3 2 29,200
Wichita, KS 2 1 6,000 Y
Aurora, ON 2 2 26,167
Jeffersontown, KY 2 2 40,960 Y
Lansing, MI 1 1 7,000 Y
Matthews, NC 1 1 3,000 Y
Lévis, QC 1 1 12,500
Aurora, ON 1 1
Perrysburg, OH 1 1 Y
Kent, WA 1 1 5,380 Y
Reno, NV 0 0
Durango, CO 0 0 Y
Rockford, IL 0 0 Y
Wadesboro, NC 0 0 Y
Victoriaville, QC 0 0
Whangarei, New Zealand 0 0 Y
Magog, QC 0 0 Y
196 Events 13,866 3,812 62,901,399 150
Event Registered
E-Miles Driven

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Registered Vehicles By Type

Make and Model Vehicles Events
Nissan LEAF 1148 166
Tesla Model S 679 145
Chevrolet Volt 513 135
BMW i3 REx 142 72
Ford Focus Electric 117 70
Ford C-MAX Energi 95 63
Tesla Roadster 80 56
BMW i3 108 55
Smart fortwo electric drive 64 46
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 51 43
Zero Motorcycle 53 39
Ford Fusion Energi 51 38
Toyota Plug-in Prius 41 35
Cadillac ELR 41 34
Toyota RAV4 EV (2012 and later) 62 31
Volkswagen e-Golf 45 31
Chevy Spark EV 67 30
Kia Soul EV 35 28
Fiat 500e 71 23
Honda Fit EV 36 21
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive 28 19
Think City 12 10
Toyota RAV4 EV (1997-2003) 17 9
CODA Sedan 12 8
BMW i8 9 8
Fisker Karma 8 7
VIA Motors 6 6
Brammo 5 5
Honda Accord Plug-In 4 4
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid 4 4
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid 4 4
Ford Ranger EV (1997-2003) 3 3
Corbin Sparrow 3 3
Vectrix Electric Scooter 2 2
Ford Transit Connect Electric 2 2
BMW Mini-E 2 2
Solectria Sunrise 2 2
Flux EM1 Moped 5 1
ZeroTruck 1 1
Detroit Electric Model 68 (1917) 1 1
EV Conversion 102 58
Other Plug-In Vehicle 81 50
42 Models 3,812
Make and Model Vehicles Events

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Event Notes

Event City Notable Participants
Juneau Juneau, AK We planned the event at a turnout next to Juneau's main thoroughfare, providing great visibility to passersby. I stated that we had about 100 people, and that really includes only the folks who actually stopped in person at the event. The event was seen by a significantly higher number of people because of the location. The heart of the event was a panoramic shot of the vehicles in front of the Gastineau Channel, which turned out beautifully. I will try and get in touch with the photographer to get a digital to post to this site. The local paper covered the event with a photo and caption only. We had good media coverage leading up to the event with the radio and paper covering it ahead of time. The weather was typical for Juneau in September, 45F and intermittent rain. I have no idea whether anyone gave test rides.
Huntsville Huntsville, AL Huntsville's event was small this year due to limited availability of volunteer staff, but we had ten (10) vehicles and numerous visitors who came and went throughout the 6-hour event. Several expressed surprise at the current state of the EV industry as well as interest in the newly available offerings. We look forward to a more concerted effort next year and are already making plans for more effective promotions.
Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ Everyone is notable at our EVents. We did not see any TV crews or politicians but we did have one of the first Tesla owners in the US when he bought his Roadster, then his wife got a Tesla S P85 and they just got a P90D Ludcrous for his company. Their Tesla S P85 has purple trim and dash. Elon Musk actually signed the dash since it's a Signature Edition. It was so crowded we could not do the drive and ride. We also had a EV Parade led by a ZERO motor motorcycle. Expected Plug-In Vehicles Vehicle Registered Nissan LEAF 13 Tesla Model S 8 Ford Focus Electric 4 Kia Soul EV 3 Toyota RAV4 EV (2012 and later) 3 EV Conversion 2 Other Plug-In Vehicle 2 Tesla Roadster 2 Zero Motorcycle 2 BMW i3 1 Cadillac ELR 1 Chevrolet Volt 1 Fisker Karma 1 Ford C-MAX Energi 1 Ford Fusion Energi 1 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive 1 Mitsubishi i-MiEV 1 Smart fortwo electric drive 1 VIA Motors 1 19 Models 49
Tucson Tucson, AZ Organized locally by the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association, NDEW-Tucson is the "kickoff party" to approximately 12 events where our EAA chapter displays electric cars between September and April each year. Because of the hot and humid weather we have in our area in mid September, we've learned that it's to our advantage to start bringing much of the scheduled NDEW activity indoors and simplify our outdoor presentation. The film "Revenge of The Electric Car" was presented with an enthusiastic group inside the air conditioned library meeting room, while a dedicated contingent viewed vehicles displayed in front of the library's main entrance. All vehicles displayed this year were privately owned or leased and the collection was a pleasantly diverse one, with the full compliment of OEM EVs currently available in southern Arizona and a couple of custom EV conversions.
Capitola Capitola, CA Despite it being a very hot day with temperatures in the upper 90s, 500-600 visitors came to National Drive Electric Day – Monterey Bay in Capitola, CA. We had 7 local dealers: Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Fiat, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet. Local manufacturer Zero Motorcycles showed off 2 models and electric bikes were provided by the Bike Station and eGo. There were 17 owners with their electric cars including Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Fiat 500e, Spark-e, Think City, Toyota Rav4 electric (2 models), Kia Soul EV, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max Energi, Tesla S, Tesla Roadster, and Yuba-E electric cargo bike. We provided 50 test rides and 46 test drives in 7 vehicles including Volkswagon e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, BMWi3, Kia Soul, Fiat 500e, Chevy Spark and Chevy Volt. An exciting education booth for grade-school kids was provided by Richard Tavener of the Fused after-school program in Carmel, assembling and racing small model “Stella” solar car kits. A fun time was had by all!
Cupertino Cupertino, CA Politicians: Darcy Paul, Assembly Member of Cupertino, CA Jim Beall, State Senator Speakers Ron Freund, Chairman of EAA George Stuckert, Member of EAA INIST and Spartan Superway presented their Suspended Electric Car (personal gondola) Green Fleets displayed their Electric School Bus ChargePoint debuted their new consumer product the Panda charging station Eco Bike Adventures showed off their custom, center motor mounted e-Bikes Hoverboard debuted their Kickstarter 1-wheel electric skateboard / scooter
Davis Davis, CA 16 vehicle models represented, with 6 of those models available for test drive. We had 83 people test drive vehicles plus 43 who rode as passengers on these drives.
Diamond Bar Diamond Bar, CA Joel Levine, PIA president made opening remarks, Linda Nicholes, one of Pia Founders, had Pia booth and drew winning prize numbers, including a donated new electric lawn mower. Hosted by South Coast air Quality Management District. Sierra club booth, EAA booth, Food Trucks, Conversions, Production EVs ,and Tesla Corp test Drives. Forum with Lisa Marisola of South Coast Air Quality Management District and Wally Rippel, of JPL, EV1, etc. and 1st transcontinental Ev race winner (1968). EV parade, 2 sets of high school volunteers who test rode in EVs and in the EV parade.
Folsom Folsom, CA Our Drive Electric event was a part of the Folsom Powerhouse Electricity Fair. This event is geared towards families with lots of activities for children.
Fresno Fresno, CA On a weekend with almost 100-degree temperatures, ash and smoke in the air from fires in the Sierras, and alerts from the Air Quality District on high ozone levels, the Best.Ride.EVer! campaign had a very successful day in Fresno. The event was co-hosted by Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and Project Clean Air, in coordination with National Drive Electric Week Fresno, and Team Captain Tom Cotter. The event included static displays from solar companies, a credit union, CVRP booth, Clean Air Project, NRG, an electric school bus, and 24 personal EV owners and their vehicles. The ride and drive was a highlight of the event and featured 12 vehicles from six local dealers. A taco truck was also on hand providing two FREE tacos to test-drivers and participants., courtesy of PG&E. A local Spanish radio station, 92.1, was on hand announcing the event ‘live’, and giving out free popsicles.
Goleta Goleta, CA Community Environmental Council organized an electric car show next to the Sunday Farmer’s Market at Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta. The car show ran from 10 am to 2 pm. We had a diverse assemblage of 14 vehicles on display (including the Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF, and Fiat 500e). All but one of these vehicles were brought to the event by local EV owners. Our local Tesla dealership brough the Model S. Owners stayed with their vehicles throughout the event to speak with shoppers, answer questions, and share their experience with driving electric. All told, there were about 25 interactions between the EV owners and Goleta residents that wanted to learn more about EVs. We were also able to spread the word about the new charging station that opened at Camino Real Marketplace earlier this year, which is the first publicly available DC fast charger in the City of Goleta. Overall the event was a huge success, and I am already looking forward to making our 2016 event bigger and better.
Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA The LA NDEW event had over 1,000 people, who test drove the latest PEVs from Audi, BMW, Chevy, Fiat, Ford, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Pedego, and VIA Motors. Our event marked the West Coast debut of the Chevy Bolt EV Concept car that gets 200 miles range, will be price in the low $30K range and will be on sale fall 2016. We also witnessed the debut of the 2016 Nissan Leaf, which boasts a 20% increase in range and is available for purchase this fall. LAPD displayed their electrified fleet that includes a black and white Tesla S, BMW i8, and Zero Motorcycle pursuit vehicles. The crowd was standing with Senator Kevin de León in his leadership toward a clean energy future for ALL Californians. Leilani Munter brought the tricked out Tesla S featured in the movie #RacingExtinction, and encouraged everyone to #pickonething to combat climate change. Check it out on Discovery Channel November 2015.
Ojai Ojai, CA This was an awesome day. The EV caravan had a dozen cars driving from Ventura to Ojai and turned a few heads. Driving through the Monterey Shale oil fields with jack pumps working was meaningful. It would be good to have more people on the streets. The Ojai gathering at the Center for Spiritual Living was wonderful thanks to so many people doing their part so well. We had Six EVs on one side and up to three on the other side of the main drag - Ojai Ave. Signs in the windows and large signs announcing the EVs got the 2-300 vehicles driving by at low speeds to notice the EVs. The brand new tesla in the driveway turned a few heads as well. We had 30 or more EV owners roaming about - see photo - and another 30-50 people came to look and talk to the drivers. Tesla sent two people from Santa Barbara with a vehicle and gave test drives. The BMW I3 and Ford Focus owners took people out as well. The organizing time was minimal thanks to great people and thousands of hours sent or ten years.
Palm Desert Palm Desert, CA It was great Everybody enjoyed it Thanks for your help 🙏
Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA Palo Alto's EV Extravaganza was a complete success with 125 participants, 33 EVs and 100 ride and drives given over 3 hours. Highlights included the number of new 1st time EV owners (EV obtained within the last 18 months) who wanted to share the joy of EV driving and all the benefits; participation by numbers of families (Mom, Dad, Kids, even a grandfather in tow) who showed up to test the various EVs; and the overall camaraderie of all the EV drivers! It was also interesting to hear conversations like: "I've just got an EV and I'm going solar in the next 6 months" or "I've got solar and i'm going to get an EV in the next 6 months!" People recognizing that they can not only power their homes from solar power but also their cars!
Richmond Richmond, CA This was the first event in Richmond California. The weather was very nice and we had a nice turnout of approximately 45 individuals. Over 25 individuals test drove. Our Richmond City Manager, City Council the Mayors office, City staff and residents all attended. Next year the City of Richmond plan to team with the cities of Berleley, San Pablo, and El Cerrito for an even larger event. Lori Reese-Brown, Project Manager City of Richmond, City Manager’s Office 510-620-6869
San Diego San Diego, CA NDEW San Diego was an incredibly successful event. From the event sponsors (SDG&E, Center for Sustainable Energy and Cleantech San Diego), to the event hosts (Plug In America, Sierra Club and Electric Vehicle Association), to the stars of the show (the dealerships, exhibitors and San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation), to the supporters that participated in the EV Day Kick-Off Ceremony: San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey, San Diego Fire Chief Maynard, SDG&E VP Mitch Mitchell, Center for Sustainable Energy’s Colin Santulli, Cleantech San Diego President Jason Anderson, Plug In America Executive Director Joel Levin, and CA PEV Collaborative Executive Director Christine Kehoe. We also had San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts join us toward the end of the event. Close to 900 people attended the San Diego event and over 600 of them took test drives in various EVs. We had 23 available test drive vehicles, and more than 100 San Diego residents showcased their personal EVs.
San Mateo San Mateo, CA There were several electric bicycles and scooters in addition to the 26 plug-in cars and motorcycle. The event included a free raffle of inexpensive items. There was no stage or speeches. Exhibitors included charging station companies, solar power companies, local government, non-profit organizations, and an electrical contractor.
Santa Monica Santa Monica, CA We had RSVPs for 80, but only about 20 trickled through. It was expected to be a low turnout, given the last minute decision to have one. We'll plan ahead and improve on it for next year.
Santa Rosa Santa Rosa, CA Attendance significantly increased from advertising in local newspaper and 3 radio stations (listen to mp3 copies of the radio spots at Funding for advertising came directly from key sponsors of Pacific Gas & Electric, Sonoma Clean Power, and Merrill Lynch.
Torrance Torrance, CA The Torrance EVent began with a "hose cutting" for new public electric vehicle charging stations. The "hose cutting" was attended by all members of the Torrance City Council, several previous council members, members of the Torrance Environmental Quality Commission as well as representatives from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congressman Ted Lieu and State Assemblyman David Hadley. WE were also honored to have Joel Levin, the CEO of Plug in America, in attendance. As Mayor Furey said, it was "an electrifying occasion". The Expo opened immediately following and included test drives by Ford, Tesla and Nissan, some 34 vehicles on display by their owners, several electric motorcycles and an assortment of other environmentally themed exhibits, including a solar powered charging station.
Ukiah Ukiah, CA Our first NDEW event in Mendocino County was a modest success. Owners of the eight EVs on display reported a total of 176,101 oil-free miles driven, many of those on solar power. True believers drove from as near as two blocks away and as far as 75 miles to show off their cars. The redwood trees cooled our parking lot on an otherwise scorching Saturday. People of all ages strolled over, with the newest generation of future plug-in drivers well represented. There was a strong attraction to the Teslas--test drivers emerged dazed and exhilarated from their rides. At the other end of the affordability scale, the intrepid Chevy Spark EV surprised and impressed. BMW, Honda, Toyota and Kia all-electric models rounded out the exhibit. The Fabulous Flashback Car Show staked out downtown a block away; occasionally a lovingly restored vintage gas guzzler rolled by with a throaty roar. Out on the fringe, we reveled in the elegant whoosh of an unplugged EV peeling away. No contest.
Valencia Valencia, CA We kept this event very informal and though it was small, everyone who attended stayed the entire time (longer, actually) and seemed to enjoy themselves. Since EVs are newer to the area, most drivers are just getting acquainted with the EV community and deciding how much they want to get involved. Now that this first event has taken place, many folks expressed interest in getting together again, so I'm hopeful the momentum will continue for a larger and more structured event next year. (And in the meantime I'm also going to put some pressure on my friend at the venue's management company to install chargers!) One personal highlight is that we had 3 previous MINI E drivers attend the event, with one couple driving over 100 miles to join us in their Spark EV. Though the MINI E program had its share of issues, it definitely connected us with some great people with whom we remain friends 7 years later.
Woodland Hills Woodland Hills, CA Ed Begley Jr., City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, and Joel Levin participated in the event.
Boulder Boulder, CO The Boulder event (the 3rd annual) logged about 295 attendees. We have placed our event for two years next to a popular Wednesday night Farmer' Market, so people are walking through our parking lot to get to and from the market. That is a huge help in drawing people to the event, since we have not spent money on advertising, just some social media and local calendar listings. We did have the local paper print, the Saturday before the event, details on all events in the County happening for NDEW. We had no city council members take us up on the opportunity to speak, unfortunately. We got great feedback from the OEMs (Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and a Boulder dealer in used EVs) and the e-bicycles rep. There were 19 private vehicles on display. We paid one person to oversee most logistics, and to design and print flyers. We could have benefited from more outreach in e-newsletters, more social media, and some paid advertising. Overall, a great event to expose more people to EVs.
Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO The event went great. We had electric motorcycles, cars and e-bikes at the event. We were able to achieve some great publicity at the event. Unfortunately, after really working with the dealerships only 1 dealership showed up. Nissan and Chevy in Colorado Springs had said they would be at the event, but did not show up.
Denver Denver, CO This was a true grass roots event, by and for people who now or soon will drive electric vehicles - cars and bikes, Leafs and Teslas. As one of a dozen events across Colorado, the Downtown Denver event was a keystone in the transition from cutting edge to mass market.
Durango Durango, CO We had four plug-in vehicles at this event including a BMW i3, a Chevrolet Volt, a Nissan Leaf, and a Tesla Model S. The Nissan Leaf was brought by a local dealership, and the other vehicles were brought by local residents and businesses who drive them. The EV owners were very enthusiastic and answered several questions about performance, charging, fueling expense, and overall satisfaction with their vehicles. A representative from Refuel Colorado was able to answer questions regarding incentives available for EV purchases. There were even a handful of attendees who test drove the Nissan Leaf, and others who went for rides in the Tesla, and BMW. Many of the attendees thanked us for the event and were appreciative to have information available dispelling the myths about EVs.
Fort Collins Fort Collins, CO Giveaways: Nissan Leaf Sunglasses, EVgo Sunscreen, EVgo Pens, NDEW Frisbees, Tynan’s Nissan Auto Detail Package, $250 Jax Outdoor Gear Gift Card
Fort Collins Fort Collins, CO We offered a shuttle service to the Sustainable Living Fair and Comic Con exposing more than 10,000 people to electric vehicles. The were two other shuttles available, but the gas-powered bus kept overheating and the tires on the pedicab failed, leaving only our EVs as reliable shuttles. The shuttles served 350 rides and we had 75 people do test drives.
Golden Golden, CO We had two reporters show up. One was from Voice of America, who showed up in her own red Tesla and interviewed me and other participants on video, and the other reporter was from our local newspaper, the Golden Transcript. Their article appeared on the top half of page one the following Thursday. Here's an online version of it:,198266?branding=11& We also created a 2-minute narrated YouTube video using our drone flying over the parking lot. Here's the URL for it:
Lafayette Lafayette, CO Giveaways: Nissan Leaf Sunglasses, EVgo Sunscreen, EVgo Pens, NDEW Frisbees, Jax Outdoor Gear Water Bottle, $250 Jax Outdoor Gear Gift Card
Littleton Littleton, CO Our event highlight was the number of test drives we gave. We think providing a first-hand, electric experience is the best way to educate people about the performance and practicality of the many models available. Last year we gave 200 test drives, and this year we gave 120.
Loveland Loveland, CO Giveaways: Nissan Leaf Sunglasses, EVgo Sunscreen, EVgo Pens, NDEW Frisbees, Tynan’s Nissan Auto Detail Package, $250 Jax Outdoor Gear Gift Card
Rifle Rifle, CO This was a first-ever ride and drive in Rifle, and was more successful than we expected. People started showing up 10 minutes before the event start time and we had a steady stream for two hours. We could have offered more test drives if the dealers had brought more cars. Aron Diaz <CQ>, a Trustee for the Town of Silt, attended and took a test drive in a Ford Fusion. Also attending were members of the Vernal, Utah, Chamber of Commerce, who were visiting Rifle on a bus tour, and students in the Colorado Mountain College sustainability degree program. The Rifle Branch Library was a partner in planning the event. A library staffer hosted a table to show people how to access free library resources, such as Consumer Reports and automotive magazines, to research an EV purchase. By the end of the event, the dealer sales reps were asking if we could host another ride and drive event in nearby Glenwood Springs.
Fairfield Fairfield, CT Attended by Fairfield First Selectman Mike Tetreau, State Reps Cristin McCarthy Vahey and Laura Devlin, State Senator Tony Hwang. Although we advertised it as heavily as possible, it helped draw in the crowd that we parked a BWM i8 on the sidewalk and opened the wing doors. Also, a Tesla came from NJ that was #185...that is one of the lowest #s around on the east coast. Also, a guy came with his Porsche 318 Spyder...he drove about 40 miles for the event on a car that only had a few hundred. One of the big hits was the electric bikes provided by Zane's Cycles...they were test driven all day.
Middletown Middletown, CT State rep Dante
Washington Washington, DC No politicians, unfortunately, they're usually out of town from Thursday to Tuesday ;-) We were able to capture lots of foot traffic from that part of the Mall. The best part was all of the new registrants we had. I've been doing this stuff for a few years, but I only recognized less than 25% of the names. Several folks had had their cars for less than 6 months and wanted to get them on display, even giving rides, which was gratifying. I also met my first used Leaf buyer, who was very enthusiastic. The i3 driver has had his car since April, but already has lots of homemade signage and pictures, and a whole prepared display. EVADC will probably get several new members from this event. Thanks guys, Scott Wilson
Destin Destin, FL Great turnout. We had two (2) 2015 Tesla Model S P85D's turn up. Both owners were showing their cars. We had two (2) 2012 LEAFs, 1 2013 LEAF, 1 2014 LEAF and 1 2015 LEAF. Our area is getting up to speed with EV's. Hopefully next year will be even better!
Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL displayed a gorgeous one-of-a-kind sculpture "Driving the Future" - an artwork tribute (1/5 scale) of the Tesla Model S - in addition to a complete showcase of their electric vehicle products. And, we've also confirmed that Reus Audio Systems was in attendance (coming all the way from California) doing high end sound demos at the event. Signature Custom Wraps showed off some stunning vinyl wraps (including all-chrome, matte black, matte blue, and more) on local Tesla Model S vehicles. Electric Car Insider gave away issues of their popular magazine. And live music was featured from FPL (Florida Power & Light). Voted writer of the all-time best posts by Tesla's own forum members, Tesla expert Nick Howe was featured at the event. Nick is also host of the must-see Youtube electric vehicle video show "News from the Frunk" and author of the ultra-popular book "Owning Model S". Also, Brooks Weisblat, owner of, has the fastest published Tesla P85D... he was there!
Fort Myers Fort Myers, FL The first Fort Myers National Drive Electric Week EVent was very successful with a proclamation generated by Commissioner Brian Hammans office read by City Captain, Edward Ellyatt. Cold water was provided by Florida Power and Light. Thank You to that company for their presence, support and sponsorship. There was present 1 Porsche Conversion, 7 Volts, 2 Toyota RAV 4EV, a neighborhood electric vehicle, 2 Ford Focus EV, 4 BMW I-3Rex, 1 BMW I-3, 1 Cadillac ELR, 5 Tesla Model S, 1 Ford Fusion Energi, 1 Ford CMax Energi, 4 Nissan Leafs, and a conversion built by the students at Seminole University and sponsored by Duke Energy. FDEP was present with 1 day passes for Florida State Parks given to the participants who brought a plug-in vehicle. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable and the crowd responded well to the answers given to their questions. There was no clear winner with many questions about each model.
Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL It was a dark and stormy night, but people still came! Whole Foods hosted our event in their parking lot. We had our local EV dealers providing test drives as well as many EV owners providing their cars for ride and drive. A DJ kept the crowd rocking as we announced EV swag giveaways and Whole Foods provided yummy delicacies. Our program featured a proclamation from the Jacksonville mayor, comments from our sponsor, the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization, JEA, our electric utility and representatives from the North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition, Sierra Club and Whole Foods. The big announcement was the funding of $300,000 in new EV charging stations that will be installed beginning in October so folks can say goodbye to range anxiety! The rain and associated traffic had a severe impact on turnout, but we were so thankful that the diehard EV drivers came. We even doubled turnout from the previous year’s event!
Oldsmar Oldsmar, FL After months of planning, the one thing we couldn't control -the weather- cost us significantly in attendance. Despite that, over 30 vendors and 32 vehicles were in attendance. In total we had 32 EVs and the total gas free miles for assembled drivers was 402,316 collectively! Turn out was a lot less than last year - I think the proximity and timing of St Petersburg event hurt attendance(in addition to the rain). Estimate total turnout around 1200- 1500. The Mayor and a council member kicked off the event. We had the new Director for the University of South Florida's Patel College of Sustainability speak. We had a kid's area with hands on art projects (Tesla donated some activity pages), and face painting. Vehicles as follows: We had one BMW i8 ;-) 3 BMW i3s. 2 in the ride and drive (R&D) A Porsche Panamera One Prius plug in One Cadillac ELR. r&D Six Leafs - 2 in R&D 9 Volts -1 in ride and drive 11 Teslas. (owners actually did R&Ds )
Orlando Orlando, FL Drive Electric Orlando and Enterprise Expand One of America’s Largest Electric Car Rental Programs, Introduce 14 Chevy Volts America’s most visited city—hosting 60 million travelers a year—will put thousands behind the wheel of an EV for extended test drives, promoting adoption nationwide. ORLANDO—Standing in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and flanked by a new fleet of electric vehicles (EVs), Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer joined Drive Electric Orlando (DEO), Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Chevrolet, OUC and 14 of the city’s top community and business leaders to announce the expansion of Orlando’s EV car rental fleet. Mayor Dyer issued a proclamation at the event reinforcing Orlando’s status as America’s best place to rent an EV, supported by the addition of 14 new Chevrolet Volt plug-in cars to Enterprise’s local rental offering. The announcement comes during National Drive Electric Week,
Orlando Orlando, FL Highlights: * We offered 5 educational sessions in our lecture hall with topics that ranged from "Intro to EV ownership" to "Powering your car on solar". * Two local television news stations showed up and gave reports on the air later that evening. * 16 organizations set up tables and booths to share information with attendees. * Valencia College donated 320 water bottles and provided recycle bins. * Dunkin' Donuts donated 1000 munchkins and 100 donuts.
Pensacola Pensacola, FL The Mayor of Pensacola signed a proclamation dedicating NDEW in Pensacola. The Event itself was in conjunction with the American Heart Association Heart Walk. Approximately 600 people walked in the event. We had vehicles staged at the walk start (all the walkers had to walk by the vehicles to start) and at the turn-around as a water-stop. In all, the event went very well.
Pinecrest Pinecrest, FL With perhaps the most beautiful venue of any NDEW event in the Country, live oaks provided ample shade at sunshiny Pinecrest Gardens where visitors of all ages enjoyed fun activities and EV owners shared their experiences and insights one-on-one with attendees. Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner welcomed enthusiasts and spoke of the role of local governments in promoting clean-energy communities. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez extolled the virtues of renewable fuels and South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard encouraged people to drive electric and offered free rides in his own EV which was part of the event. Following the festivities, event Co-Captain and SE Florida Clean Cities Coordinator Christine Heshmati declared that public and private sector employers are feeling the increasing sense of EV readiness on the part of the public and that the Coalition will be approaching local governments and private industry to take the Workplace Charging Challenge!
Sarasota Sarasota, FL County Administrator (Sarasota County) County Commissioner (Sarasota County) City Manager (Sarasota) City Commissioner (Sarasota)
Satellite Beach Satellite Beach, FL The City Vice Mayor presented a proclamation a month before the event. The City Manager presented the proclamation to kick off the event. All of the registered exhibitors came to the event. During National Drive Electric Week, but before the event the city we partnered with voted on and approved having a green committee and also voted on and approved the purchase of a public L2 charging station from sema connect that will be installed at a city beach access. The hit EVs of the show was the privately owned BMW i8 and the NASA mock up LVR moon buggy as part of the NASA display.
St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, FL St. Pete Drive Electric Day On The Bay was the 1st NDEW EVent held in St. Petersburg, FL. Despite a dismaying forecast of a 90% chance of thunderstorms, over 300 came out, including St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman, shown in the event photo holding an umbrella as he learns about the Chevy Volt. St. Pete City Councilman Karl Nurse read a proclamation from the host city. BYD displayed its 40' electric bus in the Ride & Drive area along with Nissan, Chevy, Tesla & BMW, with the rare i8. 2 Volts and, a Leaf provided rides on the Electric Tour de St. Pete on the city’s grand Prix course, past the famous Dali Museum. 30 exhibitors & sponsors filled the waterfront park's Green Tech Expo with displays of electric bikes and boats, solar panels and local wildlife. 30 display EVs lined up in our EV rally. Attendees appreciated being able to talk to owners after taking a ride in an EV with a dealership rep. Reps also appreciated having so many so many testimonials to back up their sales pitch.
Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL Drive Electric Florida Day Accelerates Electric Vehicles at Capitol Drive Electric Florida hosted Senator Jeff Brandes, Florida Senate Transportation Chair, and other members of the Florida Legislature on Drive Electric Florida Day at the Florida State Capitol. Senator Brandes test drove a Tesla Model S around the Capitol complex, and the Capitol courtyard featured 25 plug-in electric vehicles including the Cadillac ELR, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and two electric city buses, including a City of Tallahassee STAR Metro bus. "It's exciting to have this conversation and for members to experience this, because I think the future of vehicles in Florida absolutely includes electric vehicles," said Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg). "We're encouraged to see this industry continue to grow and thrive here in Florida." Photos Uploaded Here: Photo Credit: Matt Burke
Conyers Conyers, GA First ride and drive event in our county. Georgia Power, GA Dept. of Natural Resources, Nissan and Kia Motors were all a big help. It really turned out to be more of an event for local EV owners to come together and swap stories. Not as many from general public as hoped, but we got some good local press from it and I think it will just grow from here.
Hilo Hilo, HI Overall, our Hilo event was a success - we had about 150 guests and many had genuine interest in EV ownership. Despite the decent weather at the start of the day, warm Hilo rain periodically interrupted our event. Owners and guests took it all in stride – we improvised and persevered, despite the weather. We had several models represented: 9 Nissan LEAFs, 5 Tesla Model S, 2 Chevy Volts, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a Ford Focus Electric, a BMW i3, a Kia Soul EV, and a Bronco conversion. Senator Russell Ruderman, Representative Joy San Buenaventura, and a representative from Senator Brian Schatz’s office were guest speakers. Sen. Ruderman and Rep. San Buenaventura gave inspiring speeches. Marlena Castro Dixon read Sen. Schatz’s letter of recognition acknowledging NDEW and our group’s efforts to expand adoption of sustainable transportation. Nissan and Kia representatives joined the event. More information can be found at:
Lihue Lihue, HI This was our inaugural event and was very small. Our opening ceremony included a hula performance by a local charter school. We had great support from our county, (the mayor publicly proclaiming NDEW and making sure the county energy specialist was on hand at the event) and local utility, Kauai Island Utility Coop, otherwise known as KIUC. KIUC took over the insurance and advertising so I have no idea how much they budgeted for the ads and radio spot, as well as the insurance. We also had great support from our shopping mall, Kukui Grove. They graciously provided the display tables and chairs, as well as the posting of the banner. Our local community college, Kauai Community College, was represented by their Electric Vehicle Maintenance class professor, complete with a few participants in his program and working models of a Prius engine and hands-on explanations of how EVs work. This was the highlight of the event for me, personally.
Waikoloa Waikoloa, HI Our National Drive Electric Week at the Shops at Mauna Lani was a success! We had over 150 people at the event. They started to show up before the event started and lingered after we ended. Many had genuine interest in owning an EV and had many questions regarding maintenance, service, cost, range, and charging infrastructure. Range anxiety and service availability appeared to be key concerns. We had a total of 9 EVs, an electric bicycle, and a solar and pedal powered 3-wheeler. Models represented were the Volkswagen e-Golf, Nissan LEAF (at total of 6), Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Specialized Turbo e-Bike, and an ELF (the 3-wheeler). We also had our local utility on hand to address questions on TOU rates, solar PV company representatives, a hydroelectric generator company, and a dealer of solar lanterns. Importantly, Nissan Kona showed up with LEAFs and provided 25 test drives throughout most of the events. It was an exhausting event but definitely worth the effort.
West Des Moines West Des Moines, IA This event came together in a very short period of time. I first heard about NDEW about 2 weeks ago, which is when I discovered that there were no events planned in Iowa. I agreed to arrange an event and was able procure an area at the weekly Valley Junction Farmer's Market in West Des Moines. Ford, Nissan, and BMW sent cars and representatives The Zero Motorcycle dealer brought a couple bikes and a owner of a local bike shop that modifies classic bicycles with electric drives came and brought 3 bikes. A local man that converts gas cars into EVs brought his own Porsche 944 EV. The area power utility sent a representative to tout their portfolio of renewable energy sources. Car owners brought 2 Leafs, 3 Teslas and 4 Volts. Considering the short time I had to pull this together, I was happy with the turnout. By far the biggest crowd pleaser was the BMW i8. I highly recommend having one of these present if you are at a public event and want to get foot traffic to your area.
Boise Boise, ID We had a great event with many non-EV driving people attending that showed great interest in EVs. We had many different makes and models of vehicles for people to look at. The Idaho Statesman and Boise Weekly newspapers covered the event as well as two TV stations. Our goal was 50 cars and 500 people. We got close. Next year 100 cars and 1,000 people is the goal!
Naperville Naperville, IL Not a very exciting day. No politicians, small crowd, low number of vehicles, and 2 Leafs for test drives. But this Sunday, Sept. 20th will be huge. 150 registered people and 40 cars registered. We are going to have trouble fitting them all in. Report on that after the event.
Naperville Naperville, IL Naperville, IL event: the FVEAA staged things at the Naperville test track - a closed-loop driving track the city built for the dealerships. At close of registration, we had 150 people bringing 40 cars representing 10 different models. We knew we were at capacity for display cars so we parked the cars every which way we could in the show lot. Nissan brought a few Leafs for test drives and many private owners volunteered to give rides. No media and no invited dignitaries showed up. But we were abuzz with activities, test drives, burn outs, and lots of Q & A especially for our home-built conversion cars. A huge thank you goes to club member Marty for his DJ service, equipment, and the music for the day. Besides the Nissan-NDEW signs, we printed up more saying “Electric Vehicle Show” with an arrow pointing the way and put them on the side of the road. By day’s end, new friendships were made and we were very thankful for the opportunity to participate in such an awesome nation-wide event.
Rockford Rockford, IL Despite little promotion we had a good turn out: 2 Volts, 2 Leafs, 2 Tesla S, 1 C Max Energi, 1 Zero motorcycle ridden by a gray haired lady from Elgin, 1 electric bicycle. About a dozen folks who did not own electric cars showed up plus an entire Cub Scout pack. We had two TV stations - WTVO -17 who broadcast a long segment and did a good job, including an interview with local furniture businessman Dale Gustafson with his Tesla. WREX - 13 broadcast a short piece on the event. That's what I was after - exposure. That driving electric is great and affordable. Several owners/participants came because they saw the report on NDEW on Green Car Reports, looked for a local event, and were surprised to find that one was taking place in Rockford, IL. Very glad I decided to create an event. I now have a base of interested EV owners to work with on future events. We'll do better next time as this one was put together in great haste.
Overland Park Overland Park, KS Although it rained off and on Eight dealer vehicles were busy for 4 hours giving test drives & rides (total of 200+ people taking ride and drive opportunity) + passers by and attention through emailed PR and Internet (internal Black & Veatch) post. several tables with EV information in the lobby with volunteers to had out brochures. 2 x Tesla Model S 2 x BMW i3 2 x Chevy Volt 2 x Nissan LEAF Mid-America Electric Auto had owners who brought 2 Teslas,2 Ford PHEVs 2 Ford EVs, 2 Leafs 1`-I-MiEV, 3-Chevy volts 2- conversions, 2 electric bikes Of particular interest was the signing the DOE Pledge by Black & Veatch. Black & Veatch professionals talked to EV drivers and got a chance to drive an EV, learning how to charge a vehicle ( ChargePoint station) and information form KCP&L who is installing 1000 charging stations in the KC metro area.
Prairie Village Prairie Village, KS 5 Teslas,2 Ford focus, 1 c-max phev, 4 Leafs, 1- I-Miev, 1-chevy spark, 2- chevy S-10 conversions 1- BMW I323 conversion. I gave a brief speech to appx 175 people at the church dinner. Brochures were placed on each table. We had two volunteers giving out many different hand-outs and items from Nissan
Wichita Wichita, KS We felt it was a great event not only for Spirit employees to see new and exciting technology, but also executives to begin thinking about workplace charging opportunities at the Wichita facility. The CFO of Spirit was generous enough to display his personal Tesla Model S. We also had a 1918 Detroit Electric on display which is owned by another Wichita native. Central Kansas Clean Cities felt that this event was a huge success for EV consumer education and an important step to implementing workplace charging in the region. We could not have had such a successful event without the help of Spirit Aerosystems, McGavock Nissan, Eddy's Chevy, Rusty Eck Ford, BYD, and Westar Energy.
Jeffersontown Jeffersontown, KY The event drew local media coverage. This event was the first of its kind in my area (City of Jeffersontown) and we were still able to draw in a nice crowd and our event led to a few car sales from local dealerships that displayed their vehicles. BWM,Ford,Toyota and Cadillac. Chargingev magazine donated items such as Magazines to handout(we ran out of 100 issues). BMW displayed a brand new I8 and the City of Louisville displayed a Hybrid public bus for this successful event. We set up temporary charging stations and our solar vendors were offering information to attendees.
Louisville Louisville, KY On September 12th EVolve KY held their first annual EV Movie Night. The event was hosted by Sullivan University and over 35 people enjoyed a showing of Revenge of the Electric Car on the big screen. Popcorn and soda were served and there was some time to check out the electric cars in the parking lot (four Leafs and one Tesla) before and after the show (there was even a special Tesla thrill ride post-show). The evening started with thanking our sponsors and a showing of several electric car commercials. That was a big hit. Many were funny and a few were touching. The commercials hit on almost all the various makes of EVs commercially available. The movie gave a glimpse of the recent history of the popularization of EVs. Most of those attending haven't seen the movie before. Many stayed after the show and enjoyed chatting. Some expressed interest in eventually purchasing an EV and some had unique EVs of their own (one gentleman had an electric bike and a Segway).
Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA We had an outdoor movie viewing of "What is the Electric Car?" and local EV owners brought their vehicles and had some great conversations about EVs. The event was held at the local library, so EV owners were able to talk to library patrons about their vehicles.
Bossier City Bossier City, LA The Mayor of Bossier City, Mayor Walker read a city proclamation making 12 Sep 15 National Drive Electric Week. The proclamation was the proposed document from the NDEW media web page. The opening of the event was covered by the local NBC TV station who provided coverage of the event on the 12 Sep 15 evening news. The event was held inside the Louisiana Boardwalk mall. This location created a steady supply of people who would never have seen the event otherwise. The 15 volunteers with 9 cars (Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Ford Focus) spoke with approximately 300 people. Many people were greatly surprised on the relatively cheap entry costs for the Leaf/Focus verse the cost of their current car.
Amherst Amherst, MA Lengthy discussion about film (Revenge of the Electric Car) and about plug-ins: Prius, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Tesla. Ride and drives in Tesla. Talk of future events.
Brookline Brookline, MA Over 100 EV drivers and spectators brought their enthusiasm and 35 vehicles to the historic Larz Anderson Auto Museum for EV Day this year. 20 different makes and models demonstrated some of the many ways to drive oil free and help the environment. Participants included - 12 different production electric vehicles eligible for Massachusetts EV Rebates and Federal Tax Credits - Iconic or out of production EVs like the BMW i8, Fisker Karma, Tesla Roadster - 10 examples of the Tesla Model S, single and dual motor variants including the new P90D with Ludicrous mode - Gas car conversions to electric powertrains - Chevy, Saturn and MG - Formula SAE electric race car from MIT Motorsports - eBike from Zero Motorcycles, commercial hybrid truck from XL Hybrids, and startup TransitX - Fast charging network offering from NRG EVgo, solar energy from Solar City, and charging solutions from Wattzilla
Natick Natick, MA This was our first event and while we had great participation from local dealers, we had a hard time engaging residents. Despite our partnership with the local farmers market, our location was a little separated and we struggled to get people from the market to the electric car showcase. I do think we will pursue an event again next year, but with adjustments to make it more engaging and fun for residents. Perhaps we will consider doing something at the iconic Natick Mall instead. Thanks for providing great tools and information sharing. We have tons of ideas for next year!
Plymouth Plymouth, MA State Representative Matt Muratore from 1st Plymouth State Senator Vinny deMacedo from Plymouth & Barnstable District
Westfield Westfield, MA This was our first event, and we organized it late in the game. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to have a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new charging station. Attendance wasn't quite what we hoped for, either. However, we are pleased at being able to pull the event together on a tight schedule and get the participation we did from local auto dealers. The first event is under our belt, and we look forward to the head start we'll have for next year! Thank you!
Worcester Worcester, MA The Worcester Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive Event hosted by the Institute for Energy and Sustainability, WPI and National Grid that took place at WPI was a huge success. The location of the event was perfect, offering electric vehicle owners two charging stations and easy access to the event via a busy intersection that attracted drop-ins. There was a wide range of participants, including consumers looking to become informed on EV options and the benefits of EV, consumers looking to purchase EVs, and students wanting to learn more about the technology and how people utilize EVs in Worcester. The range of vehicles present was popular, including the Nissan Leaf, BMW’s i3 and i8 being offered for test drives, the Tesla Model S, Tesla Roadster, and the EV1 which WPI is working on restoring. Visitors flowed through the parking lot viewing the EVs and clean tech/sustainable energy company booths and learning more about the offerings available in Massachusetts.
Baltimore Baltimore, MD On September 16, 2015, Baltimore celebrated National Drive Electric Week by showcasing its first DC Fast Charge equipment outside of City Hall. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake spoke to a crowd of approximately 125 people, including a strong contingent of local press. The Mayor highlighted the City's "Breath Easier" EV campaign, also calling attending to the City's latest EV addition to its light duty fleet, including a Smart EV, Spark and Ford Focus Electric. Jill Sorensen of BEVI and Matt Wade of the Electric Vehicle Institute also spoke to highlight the City's continuing investments in EV infrastructure.
Frederick Frederick, MD The event was at a local organic market and the goal was to talk to shoppers with little exposure to electric vehicles. The store has one L2 and one L3 charger and we parked the vehicles beside the store near the chargers. Nissan was on-site with a 2015 Leaf and gave at least half a dozen test drives.
Poolesville Poolesville, MD We had several hundred people who came and talked with the car owners and dealerships. Many took rides and some did test drives on the small closed road course that we had setup. If we include those who visited our Booth with the Tesla S P85D in it and those who watched our electric cars drive down the center of town in the parade that opened the day's events, than we had about 8-10k people who view our cars and participated in our event. We combined our event with Poolesville Day, a great family fun community event that draws people from the surrounding Maryland/DC/Virginia area. We had 15 models and 42 cars registered, plus a few more showed up that were not registered, making this one of the largest shows on the east coast. Our EVs were made up of production cars, conversions and even a Zero motorcycle. We had both owners and dealerships, including Tesla Motors, showing their latest Model S P85D in our booth which was in the center of Poolesville Day.
Rockville Rockville, MD The weather really did not cooperate. We had pouring rain all morning. The rain did stop about when our event started, however, it rained again pretty hard right in the middle of the event. Despite the bad weather, everyone who signed up to show cars came as promised. We had three vendors present: Nissan, Telsla, and BMW. Lots of great conversation with those showing cars. The public who did attend asked lots of great questions.
Waldorf Waldorf, MD National Drive Electric Week Waldorf was hosted by MD Volt Inc. at MOMs Organic Market in Waldorf, MD. MOMs pulled out all the stops by having an electronics recycling event, kids activities (recycling challenge and electric car races) and organic food tastings. The highlight of the event was the presentation of a proclamation by Ken Robinson, Charles County Commissioner District 1. Ken is also owner of a Nissan LEAF and was instrumental in getting some of the first charging stations in Charles County. Sheehy Nissan Waldorf provided ride and drives of a Nissan LEAF, and participating Tesla owners gave ride and drives as well. Kia demoed a Soul EV, which will be available in Maryland this fall. Due to the proximity of Joint Base Andrews, we were lucky to have an impromptu jet flyover.
South Portland South Portland, ME This event was held in South Portland, Maine at the South Portland Community Center. The weather was not the best with overcast and some rain but overall the event was a success. We had nearly 300 visitors with 6 local dealers providing ride and drives which included: 2 BMW i3, 1 Plug-in Prius, 1 Chevy Volt, 1 Smart for Two EV, 1 VW e-Golf, 2 Nissan Leafs. The ride and drives were the main attraction of the event. A few volunteers who had Tesla Model S's did offer some rides. Aside from the ride and drives the Natural Resource Council of Maine was vital for the support and efforts of this event. We had a few speakers including Barry Woods who is affiliated with Plug-In America as well as the Gail Rice who is the representative for Central Maine Power and the efforts they are doing to provide EV charging stations throughout most urban cities.
Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI We had the mayor of Ann Arbor present for our event and this year we concentrated on ride and drives for guests. The secondary goal was to get people interested in electric vehicles in touch with new and seasoned owners to learn about how to live with an electric car.
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, MI The week included two showings of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" - one at Kalamazoo Public Library Main Branch, one at Kalamazoo College. A total of about 40 people saw the movie. The Q&A sessions that followed indicated that almost all audience members changed their preconceived notions about viability and practicality of electric cars. At the Ride-and-Drive, everyone who rode or drove came away impressed. We asked each one to fill out a brief questionnaire beforehand and a followup afterwards. The followup asked just one question: What did you learn? Almost all mentioned how quiet and smooth their ride was. Most talked about how impressed they were with practicality, speed, and acceleration. No one gave any negative answers. One rider made a numbered list of 20 impressive things he learned about driving electric. We clearly won people over! We also made several awards to local groups and individuals who've led our community in service to a sustainable clean-energy future.
Lansing Lansing, MI GLACC, with the support of staff at the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, held a "Pop-up EV Auto Show Exhibit". This event drew seven (7) plug-in electric vehicles and one (1) solar-power electric assist bicycle (an Organic Transit ELF: Three (3) Chevy Volts, one (1) Nissan Leaf, one (1) Tesla Model S, one (1) Corbin Sparrow, and one (1) BMW i3. Each of these vehicles was brought, displayed, and "ride-and-drive'ed" by its owner. The $1000 estimated budget constitutes staff planning time and staff time to conduct the event. The 4 hours estimated for volunteer time constitutes R.E. Olds Transportation Museum staff time provided to conduct the event. The 30 individuals listed as participants do not include any individuals who may have read the email postings and social media posts promoting the event, which is more difficult to accurately assess. This event was a success and has led to an interest in collaborating on future NDEW events at the Museum.
Bloomington Bloomington, MN Our event was multifaceted as there was an EV showcase inside the Mall of America Rotunda. Here, we interacted with around 3000 people over a period of 5 hours who were shopping at the Mall. We were using the giant video wall to display EV content and facts. The EV display inside showcased a Porsche 918 Spyder PHEV which was a highlight and great tool to initiate engagement. The rotunda also featured a Tesla Model S P90D, Polaris Empulse TT Victory all electric motorcycle and a Chevy Volt. Outside in the Mall of America East Parking Lot we held a showcase of EVs that owners brought and discussed with the public. We had about 30 EV owners cars, we were expecting more however there was another Ride and Drive event happening in a neighboring suburb that split the pack. The actual Ride and Drive was facilitated though dealerships, we had 2 Tesla Model S vehicles, 3 Nissan Leafs and 1 Chevy Volt. Overall, it was a great event!
St. Paul St. Paul, MN A display of electric vehicles was set up on the grounds of the Farmer's market in downtown St. Paul. EV owners displayed their vehicles and interacted with curious shoppers. Our event also conveniently coincided with Ben and Jerry's Save our Swirled Tour which features a Tesla Model S driving across country aimed at bringing climate action and serving free ice cream.
St. Louis St. Louis, MO Event held at the Saint Louis Science Center, with in the event we had a Citi Car Show competition with give aways as well as awards. We had KSDK (local news) Come by and took pictures.
Asheville Asheville, NC Asheville Outlets mall was the site and donated space, posters, flyers, programs, signage and other resources for our event (this was not included in the budget or hours spent on event estimate). Six local dealers rented display space in the mall for new models which were on display the week prior and week after the event. On event day, salespeople were in the Mall talking to people about the features and financing, owners were in the parking lot showing their cars and providing rides. We also rented space on event day to local photovolatic installers, green lawn care and equipment sponsors and clean vehicles coalition agency. Proceeds for the rental benefited the Blue Ridge EV Club (affiliated with the Electric Auto Association) and the Black Bear Solar Institute to further their EV education and advocacy efforts in the region.
South Charlotte Charlotte, NC Mark Hovis with InsideEVs and John Dabels, former EV1 market manager participated by bringing a Volt.
Charlotte Charlotte, NC The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County employees were invited to participate in an electric vehicle lunch and learn. Presentations were given by Envision Charlotte, Duke Energy, and the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition about EVs. Everyone then went outside for a display of 7 vehicles! This display was open to the public and a lot of citizens came to show support.There was a Tesla S, two Nissan Leafs, two BMW i3, Smart Electric, Chevy Volt, and a Via VTRUX.
Dallas Dallas, NC The Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, in partnership with the Town of Dallas, hosted a ribbon cutting event for the new DC Fast Charger in Dallas, NC. Mayor Coleman and Town Manager Jim Palenick were in attendance. Mayor Coleman spoke about Dallas setting a precedence for chargers in the Greater Charlotte Region and how the charger would encourage more EVs and chargers. BMW and Nissan brought vehicles to display and show how the charger worked. Volunteers brought Volts and Dallas displayed their town vehicles. It was a great event!
Matthews Matthews, NC The Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, in partnership with the Town of Matthews, hosted a ribbon cutting event for the new DC Fast Charger in Matthews, NC. Representative Bill Brawley, Mayor Jim Taylor, and Town Manager Hazen Blodgett were all in attendance. Representative Brawley and Mayor Taylor spoke about Matthews setting a precedence for chargers in the Greater Charlotte Region and how the charger would encourage more EVs and chargers. BMW and Nissan brought vehicles to display and show how the charger worked. It was a great event!
Pembroke Pembroke, NC This was The University of North Carolina at Pembroke's first NDEW event, hosted by the Sustainability Office. There were about 45 attendees, who took a total of 13 test drives between either of the two PEVs brought in by local dealers. Helping sponsor the event, Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville, NC came in with a new Nissan Leaf and Dieffenbach GM Superstore of Rockingham, NC came in with a new Chevrolet Volt. Program Coordinators, Kristi Jacobsen Brodd and Katie Drye, both with Advanced Energy out of Raleigh, NC gave presentations and answered questions about PEVs. Food was provided by Campus Dining Services- Sodexo and giveaways were handed out thanks to the many sponsors mentioned above as well as the NDEW team and national event sponsor- Nissan. UNC Pemboke plans to host another event next year, so stay tuned for more information on that!
Raleigh Raleigh, NC This year's event went very well! We had Nissan, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Tesla, and Chevy bring cars. Team Powersports bring Zero Motorcycles. Organic Transit bring an ELF. And Electric Scooter City bring three electric bikes. We also had many EV owners bring their cars to display. A highlight of the event was having NRG EVgo make an announcement about where they plan to install charging stations around the Raleigh area. The EV drivers were very excited to see where new DC Fast Charge stations will be going. News 14 Carolina (Time Warner Cable) also showed up and did a television news segment on the event.
Salisbury Salisbury, NC The Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, in partnership with the City of Salisbury, Wallace Realty, Rowan Chamber of Commerce, and others, hosted a ribbon cutting event for the new DC Fast Charger in Salisbury, NC. Mayor Paul Woodson Jr., spoke about Salisbury setting an example for other cities and towns in the Greater Charlotte Region to install chargers and how the charger would encourage residents to drive electric vehicles. Hendrick BMW and Ben Mynatt Nissan brought vehicles to display and demonstrate how to connect to and use the charger. It was a great event with electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts showing off their vehicles and talking shop!
Wadesboro Wadesboro, NC The Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, in partnership with the Town of Wadesboro, hosted a ribbon cutting event for the new DC Fast Charger in Wadesboro, NC. Mayor Bill Thacker, Senator Tom McInnis, and Town Manger Alex Sewell were all in attendance. Mayor Thacker, Senator McInnis, and Town Manager Alex Sewell spoke about Wadesboro setting a precedence for chargers in the Greater Charlotte Region and how the charger would encourage more EVs and chargers, as well as improve the economy of the Town. BMW and Nissan brought vehicles to display and show how the charger worked. It was a great event!
Concord Concord, NH As was the case the past three years, this event was held adjacent to the very popular Concord Farmers Market. In fact, this year market vendor booths intermingled with the cars which allowed for optimum crowd flow. Of the 21 examples of electric transportation displayed, 15 were privately owned, with the owners chatting up the benefits of EV ownership with the crowd. Five dealerships attended with brand new models and literature for attendees.
Durham Durham, NH The Durham event featured 20 electric vehicles including 2 from PortCity Nissan, 2 from BMW of Stratham, 6 Tesla's including a solar charged Roadster, 2 BMW i3s, 5 Nissan Leaf's, 2 Volts, and one Ford C-Max Energi. At 1PM, state representatives, the state Department of Environmental Services, and a crowd of about 100 people gathered for some short speeches and a ribbon cutting on our new dual charging station. There was free food, drink, give aways from Nissan and T-Shirts from the vendors, and even an electric bike vendor giving test drives. Additional planning and climate organizations were also invited including some solar companies who emphasized charging through solar arrays. Guests included most of our Town Council, State Representatives, our Town Administrator, and officials from state agencies. Crowds were good all day from 12-4 and we say at least 24 test drives go out from the Nissan and BMW dealers. We got valuable feedback on our charger's signage and pricing.
Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ Electric vehicle enthusiasts from far and wide came to celebrate National Drive Electric Week with us on Tuesday, September 15, at our Wastewater Treatment Facility. Visitors and speakers included: - Members of the local public with electric vehicles from Teslas to Nissan Leafs - Reporters from The Press of Atlantic City and SNJ Today - Members of the New Jersey Electric Auto Association - Leaders from our electric utility company, Atlantic City Electric - Representative from the CRDA WAVE Parking Garage, which has six charging stations in Atlantic City - Local Nissan Dealer, Admiral Nissan Several members of the public spoke and shared their experiences driving electric vehicles. ACUA President Rick Dovey spoke about the need for increased infrastructure in our area and the push to get other area businesses on board with electric vehicle fleets.
Madison Madison, NJ We had a great event with 12 Electric Vehicles - 2 Tesla Roadsters, 1 BMW i3, 1 Toyota RAV4, 1 Ford Focus Electric, 1 Zero Motorcycle, 1 Smart for Two Electric Drive, 3 Model S’s and an extra one that was just passing, 2 Nissan LEAF’s. We had another BMW i3 driver stop by to talk to us and he ended up joining our local chapter of the NJEAA. We actually ran out of parking spaces at the Farmers Market and had to have three of the cars park on the road. I hadn’t anticipated that I would get more cars than I had space for, but it all worked out and it’s a good problem to have. We had Tesla, Nissan and BMW attend for test drives. Between them they did 11 test drives. All the people that went for test drives were amazed by the cars and are definitely considering that their next vehicle will be electric.
Montclair Montclair, NJ We had a nice event with 22 electric vehicles in attendance. (12 i3's, 2 Model S, 1 Roadster, 2 LEAF, 1 Volt, 1 RAV4 EV, 1 Mercedes B-Class ED, 1 VW eGolf and 1 Zero Motorcycle. We also opened for the first time, the very first public CCS DC Fast charger in New Jersey, which I just installed on the property to go along with the two level 2 EVSEs.
Morristown Morristown, NJ We had a 1917 Detroit Electric on display that came and left under its own power, there are pics and videos of this EV as well as all of the EVs and crowd there A local business, Smart World Coffee, supported us by giving us a great deal on pastries for our drivers (I treated them) and also gave us free coffee. Other biz want to help next year Sustainable Morristown promoted us and sent an email to over 3,000. The Presbyterian Church gave us their lot for the event Morristown Patch published our event Morristown Green published event/story Green Car Reports listed our event in story A couple EV drivers came from Virginia and even Ohio to join us and see the 1917 Detroit Electric Morristown has been a focus of the EAA/NJEAA in getting them to install public chargers so this event was key. As luck would have it the Mayor stopped by just as the Detroit Electric was pulling in followed by a line of EVs that stopped traffic. He now wants to set up a meeting for chargers
Newark Newark, NJ Our event was very successful. Many people stopped by to check out the EVs including PSEG employees, employees from companies in the area and people in the community. They asked many questions about the cars on display and were impressed with the way EVs operate. They asked the owners/drivers many questions about how the cars operate (how often cars are charged, how many miles per charge, etc.) Our event was held in conjunction with the Farmer's Market (Downtown Newark).
Paramus Paramus, NJ NJ Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel with Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-38) and Assemblywoman Huttle (D-37) discussed electric vehicles along with Will Nichols of Tesla for a press conference at the Tesla Store. Over 60 people attended during the press conference and throughout the event.
Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Marie Steele, NV Energy EV Manager for State of Nevada Jane Feldman and Elspeth DiMarzio, Director and Organizer for Nevada Toiyabe Chapter of Sierra Club. Jennifer Taylor, Executive Director, Clean Energy Project of Nevada Lloyd Reece, President of Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association
Cohoes Cohoes, NY In addition to my local Capital District EV Drivers group members, we had about a dozen EV drivers come from other areas, 150+ miles away to attend our event. They said that they chose our event over closer events that were not as well promoted and attended as ours. I had registrants meet me 30 minutes prior to the start of the event at picturesque Cohoes Falls, where I sorted the cars by model and lined them up for the parade. The 30 car EV parade vehicles all had 'drive electric' window flags and the procession concluded 2 miles away by making a grand entrance to the event at the 11:00 am start time. New York State Congressman Paul Tonko made a surprise visit to he event, where he shook hands and made a short speech to the attendees. He said he supports alternate fuel vehicles and the necessary EV charging infrastructure in NY State. Nemer VW set a new E-Golf and a salesman for test drives, as well as Fuccillo Nissan with a new LEAF SL.
Lake Grove Lake Grove, NY Our 5th Annual NDEW event which was held under partly cloudy skies on September 12 at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove featured 15 private vehicles, proudly displayed by their owners. Included were 1 BMW i3, 2 Chevy Volts, 2 Nissan Leafs, 1 Tesla Roadster, 2 Tesla Model S All-Wheel Drives, 1 Think City EV, 1 Cadillac ELR Plug-in, 1 Ford Focus EV, 1 Prius Plug-in, 1 Mitsubishi iMIEV, 1 DeLorean EV, and one VW EV Conversion. Thanks to our local dealers Competition BMW, Smithtown Nissan, and Smithtown Kia, dealer representatives were able to answer the many questions posed by the many attendees who stopped to inspect the new BMW i3, Nissan LEAF and Kia Soul EV on display. Several people test drove the Leaf made available by the Smithtown Nissan or took rides in the Ford Focus EV and Tesla Roadster courtesy of the owners. Visitors to the event enjoyed the chance to take one of four different electric assist bicycles for a spin. All of the EV owners attending were great EV advocates.
Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie, NY Tesla and VW gave test drives (tesla was the big highlight) and we had about 15 owners that stuck around to chat and answer questions from the public. Though we were in the parking lot of a big mall (and had signs posted inside the mall) we didn't get as much traffic as hoped. Looking to improve on that for next year.
Rochester Rochester, NY Very successful, great new venue. We have more attend each year.
Syracuse Syracuse, NY We had great participation by owners, dealers, and the public despite cool, gray, rainy weather all day. The local News Channel Nine story was great pubicity.
Columbus Columbus, OH Drive Electric Ohio and Celebrate Local collaborated once more with electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts at Easton Town Center for National Drive Electric Week, hosting an EV Ride and Drive on September 12 that featured 15 different plug-in EV, while drawing over 125 visitors and riders to experience driving electric. Nissan was on hand to provide test drives for visitors in their 2015 Nissan Leaf, while Orbital City Bicycles provided test rides on all-electric bicycles and scooters. Ohio EV Solution also provided demonstration EV Chargers, to show visitors how EV charging operates and where chargers can be found in the immediate area. Easton Town Center serves as an ideal location for this year’s event. While Easton is known for serving as the Tesla store location for Columbus, it has been an advocate for EVs, with much of its on-site fleet being dedicated electric, as well as providing EV charging in its parking garages.
Perrysburg Perrysburg, OH The 2015 EAA of NWO ride and drive went as good as expected. We were blessed with fair temperatures and sunny skies all day. A few dozen visitors stopped throughout the afternoon, but many more walked through the display en-route to the neighboring shopping. Several guests took advantage of the ride-and-drive, and all enjoyed the Ice Cream Social theme this year. Owners of the BEVs and Hybrids did a great job of promoting the attributes of their vehicles; encouraging all to take special consideration when choosing their next vehicle.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Drive Electric Event was held on September 12, 2015 from noon-4:00 PM in The Paseo Arts District. The weather was absolutely perfect, clear Oklahoma skies, high 70's, light breeze. 32 vehicles came out: 6 Teslas, lots of Leafs (including mine), 3 BMWs, several Volts, a Ford Focus, 2 motorcycles (a Zero, and a custom built racing cycle). Tons of test ride/drives were given. My inexpert estimate is that we had 150+ visitors, not counting the nearly 50 volunteers who brought vehicles or otherwise helped out. Highlights: - Mayor Mick Cornett proclaimed 9/12-20 Drive Electric Week in OKC. - OG&E, our electric service provider, was generous! They set a meter with a 240 V service at no cost, and brought EVs to show and volunteers to help. - The OKC EV fleet manager came to talk about their vehicles and infrastructure efforts.
Lincoln City Lincoln City, OR Four drive and ride cars and five display cars. Lots more interest in the electric cars this year. The Teslas gave 22 test drives, 6 test drives in the LEAFs, and 1 test drive in the e-Golf. One LEAF from Newport partially is powered through a solar collector on the top of the owner's RV. They had posters about solar charging and that drew a lot of positive attention. A Tesla Model S P85D came to the event and one lucky couple got to try the "insane" mode. They reported it was an amazing experience, although the husband thought he was blacking out from the G forces! The dealer bringing the e-Golf learned a lot from his experience. It was his first time driving an EV and he had adventures along the way. Several owners took him under their wing and he'll go back to the dealership much more informed about EV's. This organizer is blessed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the owners who choose to be here--they make this event a success every year.
Lincoln City Lincoln City, OR Our cars all showed up and all the drivers were great. They made positive contacts and the Tesla especially attracted several people. An elder from Lincoln City led our parade group off in his Smart Electric Drive with another elder from Depoe Bay and a twin Smart-E alongside. Then we had 5 LEAFs and the Tesla brought up the rear. Our cars also carried a former mayor and an original city councilman for Lincoln City and State Rep. Gomberg walked through during staging.
Springfield Springfield, OR Merlyn Hough, LRAPA Director, invited folks to stop by for coffee and EV chats to celebrate National Drive Electric Week. Oregon State Representative Phil Barnhart dropped by with his 2012 Tesla Signature Model S which he has driven routinely between Eugene and Salem for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Legislative Sessions. [Merlyn credits/blames Phil for pushing him and his wife Martha over the edge to go electric in September 2013.] Kristen Langham and Shelley Stephenson from the Eugene Water & Electric Board rolled out the latest EWEB program incentives for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Lane Regional Air Protection Agency hosted the event, encouraged EV drivers to plug into the two Clipper Creek Level 2 workplace chargers, and provided displays and handouts on the West Coast Electric Highway including potential future charging locations in Oregon. Another LRAPA-EWEB event is planned for Friday, September 18th at 3-4pm at the same location, again with Representative Barnhart.
Springfield Springfield, OR We had a good turnout of about 30 people at the front parking lot of the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency in Springfield, Oregon. There were 12 EVs displayed, 11 different models, so we had quite a variety for folks to enjoy. Total EV miles represented was 130,491. Two Oregon legislators joined us: Oregon State Representative Phil Barnhart (strong EV ambassador and owner since 2012, driving about 150 round trip miles each day from Eugene to Salem and return during the 2013, 2014 and 2015 legislative sessions) and Oregon State Representative Nancy Nathanson (not yet an EV owner, but a consistently strong supporter of EV incentives, alternative transportation Several participants were interested in a monthly EV event in the Eugene-Springfield area, and followed up with a planning session at the nearby Abbey brewery to put together details for October. Stay tuned!
Wilsonville Wilsonville, OR Prior to the event we had proclamations from Oregon Governor Brown and Wilsonville Mayor Knapp for Sept 12th-20th to be "Drive Electric Week". Half of the pre-registrations were not EV owners. We had a large number of attendees seriously researching EV's for immediate or future purchase. Our location also provides a fair amount of "walk-up" traffic so we were able to interact with many people curious about EV's in general. We will be awarding two "Ultimate Test Drive" prizes this week: Use of a Nissan LEAF for a week courtesy of Platt Auto and a 3 day test drive of an i3 from BMW Portland. The OSU Solar Trailer arrived with it's 25kWh battery fully charged and the sunshine allowed it to generate 1.8kW from it's solar panels as it charged or off EV's at the show. When they folded up at the end of the event, they had provided power to at least 5 EV's and left with an empty battery. I believe this to be the largest gathering of EV's ever in Oregon, both by miles and total number.
Yachats Yachats, OR NDEW at Yachats Farmer's Market. We had an information table inside the market, 3 display cars on the other side of the fence in a parking lot, and 2 drive and ride Teslas at the West Coast Electric Hwy. charging station within sight, but a short walk from the market. The set-up was a bit fragmented to be ideal, but we made the best of it. Again, we were blessed with terrific owners who shared information about the cars and their enthusiasm was infectious. Though we had a smaller number of people than the event the day before, the questions and conversations were very high quality. One of our participants drove up from Florence with his LEAF and he is motivated to have a NDEW event in Florence next year--a very positive outcome!
Cranberry Township Cranberry Township, PA Despite having rain early and late with sprinkles in between we had a constant stream of attendees from the adjacent parking lots in a busy shopping center. We are certain a sun filled day would have brought many more lookers and shoppers.There was a steady flow of test rides, in all the makes represented, on a predetermined 2 mile course. Held in conjunction with The Fossil-free Energy Fair was a good tie-in. Visitors to the car show were treated to learning about charging their plug-in's with renewable energy, and visitors to the Energy Fair were introduced to the magic of EV's. Although it was disappointing that more manufacturers were not there, both Nissan and Tesla were and did an excellent job. There were no civic leaders or other notables in attendance. One of the City Captains, Paula Slomer, posted a series of photos on the event website:
Devon Devon, PA Wonderful event at the Tesla Motors in Devon, PA. Over 200 attendees. The weather was perfect. Not only did we have all the major dealers there with plug-ins, but we also had electric-assisted bicycles, gourmet organic cupcakes, and Green Mean Products there displaying battery powered landscaping tools and commercial scale riding electric mowers! We also had solar installers (both Sunpower and Solar City reps), geothermal HVAC, Green Mountain alternative (wind) energy supplier, and Orange Energy Auditors, Tesla Science, and EAA. Notable EVs included early Tesla Roadsters, a signature Model S's, a dealer BMW i8, and both dealer & owner Tesla Model S P90Ds giving "ludicrous mode" rides & drives. State Senator McGarrigle drove a P90D & a Ford & headed up a power-packed lineup which you can see on our site with topics of clean power plan, power wall, climate change, and even the Pope's recent encyclical.
Hanover Hanover, PA "ELECTRIC ROAD TRIP" SCREENING: We hosted a small, intimate screening of our 60-minute, public TV documentary "Electric Road Trip" on Friday Sept 18, 2015 at 7:30pm at The Sound Room in the Hanover, Pennsylvania. After a half hour meet and greet between EV owners and interested residents, and several test rides in a Nissan LEAF, we watched the film, then shared an animated, Q&A afterward that lasted for nearly an hour, including a demo of a new Clipper Creek 240 Volt EV charging station. One couple who attended drove their Tesla Model S all the way from Columbia, Maryland to join us as they continued on their way to another National Drive Electric Week event in New Jersey. Thanks to Shannon Lanier, owner of the Sound Room for donating his venue The Sound Room for the Pennsylvania premiere of this documentary, and for this opportunity to reach out to interested parties in a region with almost no electric vehicles or infrastructure.
Kennett Square Kennett Square, PA National Drive Electric Week Kennett Square (Mushroom Festival) was hosted by MD Volt Inc. and Eastern Electric Vehicle Club (EEVC) in downtown Kennett Square, PA on Broad Street at the 30th Annual Mushroom Festival Antique and Classic Car Show. The highlight of the event was a 1916 Rauch and Lang Electric Car driven and displayed by Jeff Pollock, volunteer/driver for the Marshall Steam Museum (about 7 miles away). We reached a large number of people walking through to get to the main festival area. Also unique to the event, were a 2008 BMW Mini-E (on lease as part of an ongoing vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstration project by The University of Delaware) and a Chevrolet S-10 EV pickup with a bed that could raise to show the lithium batteries below. On breaks, EV owners walked the festival, shopped, and got tasty mushroom food items, like fried mushrooms, mushroom soup and more, making it an event fun for the whole family. A proclamation was delivered by Mayor Matthew Fetick's office.
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA I had two events here in Pittsburgh - I arranged to park a Nissan Leaf, BMW i3,Chevrolet Volt, and a Ford Fusion Energi inside the rotunda in The Mall at Robinson between September 12th thru September 18th. We had great placement in the mall and fantastic visibility for the cars. The signage in the Mall pointed customers to the rotunda, and made them aware of the main event on September 19th in the parking lot at the mall. On the 19th, we had 25 cars, Tesla sent one of their product specialists over with a P90D! But we ran into a few snags during that day - the charging locations kept faulting, only being able charge just one car at a time. And there was construction going on on the highway leading up to the mall from Pittsburgh, creating a massive traffic tie up. Mall management said that the closure of the parkway west really impacted their business, and also had an effect on my efforts last Saturday.
Seven Springs Seven Springs, PA We had a total of 52 vehicles over the three day event. Not all were there over the whole event but several were, with others coming for a day or two at a time.
Cranston Cranston, RI The event highlighted the advances made in electric and hybrid-electric vehicle technologies; the economic and environmental benefits of owning an electric vehicle; and the infrastructure that serves electric vehicles throughout Rhode Island. The event was hosted at Garden City Center across from the Newport Creamery and centered around the gazebo. Planning organizations include URI Outreach Center, the RI Office of Energy Resources, RI Department of Environmental Management, and Drive Electric Cars New England. Highlights of the day included an electric car show. EV owners popped their hoods, shared their EV experiences with others, and showed off their car! Attendees and shoppers stopped by to enter a raffle for a Garden City Center gift card, tickets to Battleship Cove and tickets to the Big E, courtesy of Chevy Volt, and also picked up some free swag. Shoppers and attendees checked out the latest in electric vehicles, including a 2016 Chevy Volt.
Bluffton Bluffton, SC Our event in Bluffton was great despite the fact that we had light rain during most of the event. The Mayor of Bluffton, South Carolina opened our event and talked with all of the electric vehicle owners and had an exciting test ride in a Tesla Model S. The rain kept a lot of people inside and we only had about 50 people at our event. At least 4 couples of the 7 who had taken test rides/drives stated that they were planning on buying electric vehicles this year. About three hours after our event in Bluffton on 9/12/2015 my wife and I drove our 2013 Nissan LEAF to the local hospital where 7 hours later on 9/13/2015 our new son Conor Alexander Epps was born. On Tuesday 9/15/2015 my son Conor had his first ride in an electric car after being born as we brought our new bundle of joy home. Both Mommy and Baby are doing just great.
Charleston Charleston, SC Google brought their 100% electric shuttle. Clemson International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR) drove 3 hours from Greenville to present their wireless charging research. One of Charleston's mayoral candidates (John Tecklenberg) attended. ISI Technology, the folks behind the Heatworks MODEL 1 digital, tankless water heater, were of the event sponsors.
Columbia Columbia, SC Held the event at Whole Foods Market with vendors and sponsors under a 20' X 30' tent. Whole Foods set up the Giving Grill which offered $5 hamburgers and hot dogs with proceeds going to our two non-profit benefactors (Keep the Midlands Beautiful and the Landrum Washington Scholarship Fund).
Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN Our city mayor came and gave some remarks. We had only one reporter show up for our Press Event, from a TV station with camera. The approximately 5 minute report on the 11:00 news was well done, very positive, Seemed that most of the public were most interested in the two Tesla Model S’s. In addition we had seven LEAF’s , a BMW i3, Cadillac ELR, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max Energi, and R&D electric pickup truck from TVA, and a Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid plus a couple of others that stayed with us only part of the day. The most major highlight of the event was six hours of animated conversation about electric transportation and the fun atmosphere enjoyed by everyone.
Germantown Germantown, TN Our Germantown event was very successful. It was a special Memphis area day, sunny and in the low 80s. Whole Foods Market was gracious to host our event. They povided us with the entire side row for parking our electric vehicles, and the use of their 2 Level 2 chargers. EV attendance exceeded my expectations, every mass produced EV and plug in, I am aware of, was represented at our event. They included 2 Mitsubishi Mievs, 3 Chevy Volts, 1 Toyota plug in Prius, 1 Ford plug in Fusion, 2 Nissan Leafs, 1 BMW i3, 1 BMW i8, 1 Tesla Model S, and 2 hand made electric bicycles. Nissan marketing, and 1 dealerships attended, Roadshow BMW. BMW provided electric vehicles for people to check out. Mayor Mike Palazzolo attended, spoke to his desire for Germantown to explore city use of EVs and solar. He was impressed with the technology EVs. The Whole Foods Customers, and their employees, were drawn to the cars. We orientated the vehicles and adorned balloons to the cars to promote attention. Many
Knoxville Knoxville, TN Great event overall w/great newspaper press (print + online) beforehand to help drive traffic to us, including some good press by the UTK daily email system, 'Tennessee Today.' Great weather! This is our more typical event MO: drop several vehicles into a large crowd and start talking. Probably 35,000-40,000 were in this busiest area around Neyland Stadium due to the Vol Walk (players and band come through during afternoon); we estimate we directly interacted with around 500 but WAY more than that walked by and looked into & saw vehicles. 3 EVs there: BMW i3, Tesla & UTK's EcoCAR2 plug-in Chevy Malibu. About 10 volunteers helped through the 4 hours. All photos link ( *Event budget 98% our coalition staff time; we don't have paid time to do. Volunteer hours don't include our time.
Knoxville Knoxville, TN Good event overall w/great newspaper press (print + online) beforehand to help drive traffic to us. Great weather! Total visibility was expected since we were NOT dropping ourselves in a crowd. Great turnout for us in terms of EVs, but will shoot for ~30-40 EVs next year for this event. No politicians or VIPs were invited. EV owners were great as usual showing off their vehicles and discussing facets of EV sales, recharging sites, etc. We provided info to take, but should have been sticking main EV info sheets in everyone's hands. Good--not great--variety of EVs. First time we had Tesla Superchargers in area to highlight, show; that was a great bonus to the event. Had a EV owner dinner afterwards that about 8 attended; was good chance to get to know some owners better. Was the largest EV gathering for Knoxville to date. All photos link ( *Event budget 98% our coalition staff time; we don't have paid time to do. Volunteer hours don't include our time.
Memphis Memphis, TN Our Memphis event was a success. It was a special Memphis day, sunny and in the 70s. Whole Foods Market was gracious to host our event. They povided us with the entire front row for parking our electric vehicles and the use of their Level 2 charger. EV attendance exceeded my expectations, every mass produced EV I am aware of, was represented at our event. They included 2 Mitsubishi Mievs, 3 Chevy Volts, 4 Nissan Leafs, 1 BMW i3, 1 BMW i8, 1 Tesla Model S, and 2 hand made electric bicycles. Nissan marketing, and 2 dealerships attended; Jim Kerras Chevrolet, and Roadshow BMW. Both dealerships provided electric vehicles for people to check out. Mayor AC Wharton attended, spoke to his efforts, and accomplishment to have Memphis added to the EV Project Map. He was impressed with the technology of EVs. The Whole Foods Customers, and their employees, were drawn to the cars. We orientated the vehicles, and adorned balloons to the cars to promote attention. Ma
Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge, TN The first-ever NDEW event in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was hosted by The Island in Pigeon Forge, a new tourism development on an island in the Little Pigeon River, located in the heart of the main tourist area in this Smoky Mountain National Park gateway community. The compact size and very heavy pedestrian traffic limited the space we were given for EV display to five cars: 3 Tesla Model S, 1 BMW i3, and 1 Nissan LEAF. Since there was constant foot traffic through the space, we were unable to offer ride and drive at our event, and the cars had to remain in place from 9am to 6pm. Pigeon Forge Mayor David Wear was there to launch the event, which was located directly in front of where the tram from the main off-island parking unloaded its passengers, providing a steady stream of new visitors all day. The LEAF on display was the first-ever BEV to cross the National Park. We will be installing Tesla Destination charging at The Island's Margaritavile Hotel as a result of the event.
Austin Austin, TX Our event included many EVs such as the Testa Model S, Nissan leaf, Chevy Volt, BMW i3, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a converted 1984 Jeep C7, and the University of Texas Solar Car. The weather that day was a bit toasty at 95 degrees, but we this was better than the rainy events of previous years. We had presentations from Austin Energy, Native Solar, and Smart Charge Residential. Austin Energy went over their new Time of Use program and showed who Austin was planning to have EV infrastructure in new developments. Native Solar discussed everything one needs to know about how to get solar panels to charge your car. Smart Charge Residential explained the history of EVs and demo'd home chargers. As expected, EV drivers were eager to show visitors their cars. A chevy volt owner had lots of show and tell items. We had vendors and other organizations that attended such as Lone Star Clean fuels Alliance (who helped sponsor the event.)
Dallas-Fort Worth Grapevine, TX Our event was been in the works for over 8 months with one goal in mind, gather the most EVs in one place ever in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. We absolutely crushed the previous year's vehicle numbers with about 116 vehicles on display from owners and local dealers. The support we received from the EV community has been awesome and it showed when over 100 owners showed up. In the DFW area we haven't had rain in about a month and on our NDEW day, it rained, quite a bit. It didn't stop owners and potential owners from showing up and having fun though. We raffled off prizes, including a weekend with the LEAF and a weekend with the Volt. The rain was disappointing but the event was a tremendous success.
Houston Houston, TX We had a great EVent in Houston at IKEA. They are great with us. Kae Bruney is always very nice and accommodating. They provided the space, had coffee and cookies for us, they also had charging stations. They also have 800 KW of solar on the roof! One of the largest solar installations on commercial real estate in Houston. Next year we will do a better job of reaching out to the press. Thanks to all national staff of EAA, Plug in America, and Sierra Club, worked so hard to pull off this EVent all over the world.
Katy Katy, TX We did a "Poker Rally" from west of Houston into town. Nissan and EVgo participated and were very helpful. Was fun. Will do again next year.
San Antonio San Antonio, TX 1) The city officially proclaimed 19th Sep 2015 as Drive Electric Day! 2) We employed creative ideas to keep plastics and trash to a minimum. We were certified green at the VERDE level(highest attainable) by the city of San Antonio. Beyond EVs, we also had Electric Bus,a PV powered juice & solar stage 3a) (District 8) Councilman Ron Nirenburg kicked off the event and spoke of the strong conviction and intent from the city to put more EVs on our roads. 3b) We also had (District 26) senator Jose Menendez's secretary stopped by to and asked us to reach out to them regarding all things EV. 4) Energy lab was part science-part magic to the kids who all got take home gifts. 5) The EV owners (some from over 100 miles) came fully charged up and offered ride ins and test drives till the end. Just looking at the large EV gathering at the parade start point made all the effort worth it. Overall turnout was not as expected but we surely had many firsts and quite a bit of local press coverage
Murray Murray, UT The day was a Blast! We had Utah State Representative Patrice Arent on the Microphone along with Tina Escobar-Taft of Utah Moms for Clean Air. Also in attendance was Mike Lookinlad, Bobby Brady of The Brady Bunch, a big local EV Fan. We had Crazy OEM EVs from Tesla, Chevy, Nissan and BMW along with Hand Made and One of a Kind EVs, Electric Zero Motorcycles from Monarch Motors, Duane Schaffer had the E.L.F. Electric Bike/Car and Cargo and Mountain Electric Bikes. Mad Science of Greater Salt Lake Performed Science Magic, High Rise Audio DJ'ed the Hits. Subway and Brick Oven Pizza Catered the Event and we were sure to have a Solar Spill Cleanup Stattion with plenty of Sunscreen. It was Beautiful Weather. Tim Dahle Nissan and Josh Edson from Utah Nissan LEAF Fans had Free Drawings for $5000 worth of Plug In, Emissions Free Prizes like Electric Tablets, Lawn Mowers, Snow Throwers, Barbecues and Trimmers. Matt Stout of spoke and Auric Solar was there too!
Ashburn Ashburn, VA We had Bruce's Z3 Conversion and 4 LEAFs as well as Victor and his Ford Focus Electric and a Tesla Model S. It was nice weather and windy but despite this the Frisbees just couldn't move. These items are definitely not popular and I can't give them away. Bruce gave one test drive in his Z3 but the driver scraped the lower bumper while parking. Fortunately we could spot no damage. Most folks couldn't stay past noon but Victor stayed quite late with his Focus Electric and Bruce and I with #CO2Fre manned the event until the end. We think we sold one Plugin Prius. And the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was very supportive and loaned us a table for all our literature. All in all, a nice, low-key event in a very new, EV-friendly location.
Falls Church Falls Church, VA We had 5 Zero Motorcycles on display outside and started the day with #CO2Fre Nissan LEAF, a Volt and 3 Electric Ford Focuses, as well as a Kia Soul EV. Eventually a silver Roadster showed up as well as my COSPLAYing friend and her photographer and videographer and we took some pictures in the rain and indoors (with the not-electric bikes). Not too many people came for test drives in the rain, just one in the Volt and one in the BMW i3 that BMW of Fairfax provided. Coleman grilled Hot Dogs and served yummy lemonade. As soon as the weather cleared the cosplayers and photographers had to go but we did eventually have a couple more LEAFs and a couple of Tesla Model S show up after the Roadster had left. The Zero got many more test drives after it dried out. We stopped the test drives around 15:30 (3p30) and just chatted with folks until closing at 17:00 (5p00). Almost no-one was interested in the the free Sunglasses or Frisbees. Nobody every wants a bumper sticker.
Herndon Herndon, VA MOM's was kind enough to put out snacks and we just hung out chatting with folks in front of the story. I gave one test ride for a friend who has his own YouTube channel in #CO2Fre Nissan LEAF. The Signature Model S was beautiful as were the two Roadsters. We at one point had five Model S. Later, Del. Tom Rust stopped by and we told him about all the cars including one BMW i3 which just happened to be stopping by coincidentally.
Richmond Richmond, VA This was Richmond, VA's second annual NDEW celebration and we set stretch goals of doubling the number of electric vehicles at the main event and doubling attendance. While we didn't meet these ambitious goals, we still had significant growth thanks to very strong word of mouth via our social media channels and partnerships that we forged. We had 36 electric vehicles at our EV Round-Up on 9/13 versus 22 vehicles in 2014. The largest contigent consisted of 8 LEAFs and 14 Teslas, including a Roadster from northern Virginia. We drew quite a few EV owners from that region and Hampton Roads, as well as a few owners from Maryland. And, a Raleigh, NC resident trailered his 2002 Toyota RAV-4 to Richmond for the second year in a row. Total confirmed attendance at our EV Round-Up and two other NDEW events was 105 versus 68 in 2014. We drew only a small crowd to test drive four EVs and watch a film on 9/15, but got a much better turnout at a meet-up on zero emission transportation on 9/17.
Shelburne Shelburne, VT We had a two part event. The morning session gathered Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin with CEOs and executives from employers signing on to the DRIVE THE DREAM VERMONT initiative to provide employee workplace charging, EV incentives and/or use EVs in fleets. More information here: The afternoon session was our main public event for NDEW and was the largest gathering of EV owners in Vermont to-date. We partnered with Vermont chapter of the Sierra Club to spread the word and had a great time. Thanks to Plug-in America and the rest of the national team for continuing to support this program!
Bellingham Bellingham, WA With 27 vehicles of 14 different models showing up, this turned out to be a great event. We put a lot of effort into advertising to the public and that seems to have worked out great, as the event had much higher attendance than we were anticipating. We had six different cars doing test drives; the Model Ss were constantly out doing rides and the BMW i3 went on drives until its battery was depleted. At least three city council members visited. We are very excited to do an event again next year!
Bothell Bothell, WA The HomeDepot SM ASM and car Show support staff. This being the first HomeDepot Car Show at this location with EV attending we did not invite politicos but did interface with the University Deans of Engineering several times to encourage the new students to come. HomeDepot was very pleased in our debriefing and is already planning for next year NDEW and make it bigger and with support for charging on their parking lighting being one project we will help them consider and fund. We were able to do Level One charging for one or two vehicles on the parking lot 120 volt branch circuits.
Issaquah Issaquah, WA We had 59 electric vehicles on display representing more than 1.5 million oil-free miles! The event also included lots of fun activities such as a scavenger hunt with prizes, three student robotics teams and some great exhibits by Puget Sound Solar and Torklift Central and several other vendors. We appreciated visits from special guests including Issaquah Mayor Fred Butler, state Representative Chad Magendanz, King County Council Chair Larry Phillips, and the Governor's Senior Transportation Adviser Charles Knutsen with the Governor's NDEW proclamation. The weather was alternately threatening, then warm and sunny, and the rain held off until we were packing up for the day. Our raffle drawing raised $220, which was more than enough to cover expenses. Raffle donations included a DVD of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" an RC Tesla Roadster with batteries, Nissan test drive gift certificates, and an EVSE!
Kent Kent, WA Silent Thunder II had a much smaller turnout than last year but it was still an exciting afternoon of 100% pure electric drag racing at Pacific Raceways in Kent! :) Despite poor weather, we had people come from Southern Washington and as far north as Vancouver Canada. Throughout the day there were between 30 and 70 people. Vehicles included a bunch of Model S sedans (including a P85D!), some electric bicycles, Nissan LEAFs, a Chevy Volt, a converted BMW Z3, a converted Honda Del Sol, an electric Fiero and Dave Cloud's latest super low-slung creation. Of the approximately 20 EVs in attendance about a dozen of them raced the track. Highlights included massive tire smoking burnouts from a 2011 and 2013 Nissan LEAF and an 11.8 second pass from the Tesla P85D!
Liberty Lake Liberty Lake, WA No surprise it was a gorgeous day. We have great solar karma. Steady traffic from the neighboring Farmer's Market. A wide range of vehicles. Electric scooters, a PHEV Fusion, PHEV Prius and even an eHybrid Porsche Panamera joined multiple Leafs, several Teslas, three i3s and more. Spokane Transit Authority brought a hybrid bus. We couldn't have done it without help from Avista, Jaremko Nissan, BMW of Spokane and the City of Liberty Lake. The Cork House was a wonderful host and STA allowed us to use their parking lot. At least three times as many people showed up this year. Around 75 joined us later for a barbecue and music by The Nerve. The variety of vehicles proved to the public an EV can be anything you want it to be. May the auto makers take note and respond to the consumers.
Mt Spokane Mead, WA It was a beautiful day on top of Mount Spokane. The sky was clear and blue. We had a great view of the fresh air we were protecting. Being in a remote location, we did not draw many of the public. Yet we were in a high-traffic area for bikers and hikers. They appreciated zero-emissions vehicles. After all, bikes and boots are great green forms of transportation. The Think City, with its space frame and plastic body, always catches attention. The Teslas are always a conversation piece. We showed how much gear fits in a Leaf. A big surprise was when an electric engineer cruised up the hill on a scooter of his own making. His lithium-ion battery pack fit in an Otter Box he could carry around. Some drivers used up 80-90% of their charge climbing the hill, creating some anxiety, but regenerative braking alleviated that on the way home. My Leaf left the mountain with 5 miles of range and 1 bar. I pulled into my garage 24 miles later with 14 miles and 2 bars. I learned something.
Richland Richland, WA The highlight was 10 BEVs and 2 PHEV's in the same location, including two Tesla MS and one Roadster. Local event at the library. Lots of walk-ins over the course of the six hour event. No dignitaries or special events, just owners talking about their vehicles to the general public. Since I have no volunteer help, I'm pretty limited in what I can do. We didn't give test drives due to parking on the walkway in front of the library and concern for liability.
Steilacoom Steilacoom, WA Perfect weather at the same site we did last year. A 33% increase in participation from last year. Event started after everyone had a chance to get some food (pot luck), with a welcome from Pierce County Councilman Doug Richardson. Followed by 28th District State Representative Dick Muri (me) reading a proclamation celebrating National Drive Electric Week from State of Washington Governor Jay Inslee. Javier Figueroa, the Mayor Pro Tem of the City of University Place also gave us a welcome. I then facilitated a discussion of EVs from everyone in attendance. President of the Tacoma Public Utilities Board of Directors discussed some items. A representative from Nissan Regional Office in California answered a lot of questions. Overall, a very informative and enjoyable day was had by everyone.
Wenatchee Wenatchee, WA Plug-In North Central Washington’s kiosk, tent, and EV displays anchored one end of a 3 block stretch of exhibits for the Wenatchee Downtown Association’s annual Taste of Harvest celebration in the city's historic district. Pleasant weather and a lively buzz helped us to interact with over 300 diverse attendees including political candidates, policemen, families, retirees, tourists, teenagers, local team mascot, and face-painted children. Our exhibits featured a Tesla Roadster, Volt, three Leafs, two Zero motorcycles, Polaris electric bicycles, and an array of battery powered 56-volt yard maintenance tools (chain saw, weed whacker, leaf blower, hedge trimmer). We also had a portable Clipper Creek charger available for hands-on demos. EV grins were bountiful during the demo rides, and there was never a moment when the exhibit was without at least a half-dozen folks inquiring about available and future EVs. A beautiful day that resulted in more EV converts.
Madison Madison, WI Downtown Madison, WI on the Capital Square. Largest number of models represented at any EV event in Wisconsin to date . Everything from electric bikes to family vehicles to high-end sports cars.
Waukesha Waukesha, WI We had a great turn out and are so pleased to have ranked number 10 out of 195 events by registered attendees this year (way to go Waukesha, WI)! I had many EV owners drive here from Illinois and plan to be back next year! We kept the event low key and educational. Nine vendors participated! We provided free food for everyone who registered, Live Music and Bake Sale with proceeds donated to the Hunger Taskforce in Milwaukee. I think if you ask anyone who signed up they would all say they had a great time. This event was a fantastic opportunity for EV Owners and enthusiasts to come together, exchange information, and share their EV driving experience. I received many terrific emails of thanks and praise. We look forward to next year @ #NDEW2016! Until then, #ChargeOn #Waukesha
Calgary Calgary, AB Electric Vehicles created a buzz in downtown Calgary with the largest and most diverse EV gathering in Alberta history. 23 EVs were on display including 12 unique models which highlighted the widespread availability of electric vehicles to meet most consumers' needs. Hundreds of Albertans learned about the advantages of driving electric from owners who answered questions and provided vehicle tours. Also hundreds of handouts were distributed highlighting the advantages of EVs and promoting the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA) whom organized the event. EVAA was founded on Earth Day 2014 to promote electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in Alberta. Currently there are over 430 members, an impressive increase from 130 members at the 2014 event. Please join EVAA at Media in attendance included 660 news who promoted the event and played interviews on air all afternoon. Calgary is Green also shot video and interviews that will be featured online.
Salt Spring Island Salt Spring Island, BC Held at our annual Fall Fair, we joined the traditional Classic Car Show in a new "Green Class", winning an award from the Fair organisers. Over the weekend period, public interest was continual in spite of intermittent rain. It is clear from many comments that more Electric Vehicles will be acquired as a result of our show. We will certainly participate in the Fair next year.
Sechelt Sechelt, BC Despite an unseasonably rainy day, over 350 people enjoyed a day of FUN at the “Sechelt Is Plugged In Event” in Sechelt, BC. Held on the shore of the picturesque Porpoise Bay, many people enjoyed a “Clean Getaway” from Vancouver. EV models on display included Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and Roadster, Ford Focus, Mistubishi MiEV, Smart Electric, Kia Soul, Shocke e-Bikes, Private conversions and a Segway! Everyone enjoyed playing games including Human Foosball and Giant Jenga and great food, beverages and live music! Test drives were popular – in cars (thanks, Nissan and Tesla), on bikes (thanks, Shocke Bikes) and on a Segway! The organizers are already looking forward to next year! To watch an awesome video of our event, please go to
Victoria Victoria, BC The events during the week "EVs in the Wild" were successful as outreach events - to invite people to our ride + drive, but the rain on Sunday really limited our turn out. Each event had an unexpected benefit, connecting volunteers, highlighting ideal venues and promoting our sponsors, but the main event fell short of our goal of providing 400 rides and drives to uninitiated EV-curious motorists. Next year we'll have a rain plan, or order better weather. The number of Teslas available for rides changed the atmosphere at the main event into somewhat of a Tesla show, but many guests confirmed my position that the real value for our guests is being able to drive several different models in a row at the same event. This opportunity far exceeds the outreach potential of showing off our shiny EVs without the visceral experience of what makes them superior to ICE vehicles.
Winnipeg Winnipeg, MB MEVAfest 2015 We had 40 vehicles. The most abundant vehicle was the Leaf. Quickest Tesla Model S. Other notables New Flyer Xcelsior electric bus, UMSAE electric race car, 1954 Austin Somerset Chevy S10 pickup and UMSAE electric race car. It was a beautiful sunny day, 27C. We were part of ManyFest which had 35,000 people. Roughly 1/3 walked through our area. We had many people stop by while we were setting up. There were lots still asking questions during tear down. People were shocked to learn that we can drive a whole year and create less pollution than a litre of gas (yes, one). And that we drive a year on $100 of electricity. Also, that these vehicles work fine in -30C Manitoba winter. Rob Altemeyer, MLA for Wolseley, attended. Vehicles 12 Nissan Leaf cars 9 Bicycles 5 Scooters 4 Chevy Volts 2 Tesla Model S 1 New Flyer Xcelsior electric bus 1 Chevy S10 1 Toyota RAV4 EV 1 Ford C-Max 1 UMSAE electric race car 1 Manitoba Hydro Renault 1 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar 1 Austin Somerset
St. John’s St. John’s, NL The event went well with all participants having a good time. Good discussions about how to increase awareness. Numbers were lower than expected most likely due to several compounding reasons such as other events happening at the same time (politician campaign events, other car show).
Bolton Bolton, ON EV Day Caledon was the first event of it's kind held in the community. This event was hosted by the Town of Caledon, partnered with Plug n'Drive and the Bolton Farmers Market. We had 6 electric and plug in vehicles and included an EV Photobooth and facepainting feature (which the kids in the community were very excited about). We held a random ticket draw to win professional soccer league tickets (Toronto FC)to an upcoming game, and handed out giveaways courtesy of National Drive Electric Week and Nissan Leaf. The event attracted interest from 2 of the local newspapers who came out and spoke to event organizers and took photographs of the event. EV Day Caledon was a success in the community as many residents who attended gave positive feedback. According to our event satisfaction survey: •90% enjoyed the event •90% agreed that the event heightened their interest in electric vehicles •78% would like for the Town to host another Electric Vehicle event Many residents also exclaimed their newly found interest in electric vehicles and will consider them during their next vehicle purchase, which is what the Town was hoping for. EV Day Caledon received support from the Caledon Mayor Thompson, Councillor Groves, and Councillor Mezzapelli. The Green Party Candidate, Nancy Urekar, and the Conservative Party Candidate, David Tilson also attended the event. The biggest challenge faced during the event was the weather. It was a rainy and cold Saturday morning and afternoon in Ontario, which prohibited the amount of attendees, given that it was an outdoor event. All in all, the organizers as well as Caledon residents highly enjoyed this event! It is important to the Town to drive awareness and education about the environmental benefits provided by electric vehicles.
Dundas Dundas, ON We hosted to events: Niagara EV Wine Media Tour and a Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA) Event. On the EV Wine tour we had 32 participants and 19 EVs. Federal Member of Parliament and Environment Critic John McKay participated and so did Liberal Candidate Ron Planche from Niagara. The Weather Network cover the Niagara EV Wine Media Tour from Kabaca Vineyards from 6:45 am to 11 am. Other local journalists from Niagara this Week,, Wines of Niagara and the Globe and Mail were also in attendance.
Scarborough Scarborough, ON This was a first attempt for this event and venue. But I would still consider it a success given the limited resources and time that were available to plan and implement it. It was essentially an after work weekday evening event. There was no advertising budget. But with very little promotion and limited social media presence, we were able to gather over a dozen attendees and 5 electric vehicles (including 2 Tesla Model S, 1 Smart fortwo, Nissan Leaf and Ford Fusion Plug-in aftermarket conversion). Those who went for test drives/rides were quite impressed with the vehicles. Perhaps next year with more time and planning there will be a much bigger turnout. Note, we are beginning to lose the daylight quite early this time of year. But I managed to capture a candid event photo of some interesting discussions amongst attendees gathered around the electric vehicles and charging stations onsite at the Centennial College Ashtonbee campus. Please see photo upload. Regards, Emile.
Waterloo Waterloo, ON Event took place at Conestiga Mall in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. As this was our first year and time organizing such an event, we felt it was a successful day. We had and overcast day on Event day (Saturday), with the threat of rain for the whole day, in the last half hour of the event the sky opened up and ended our exhibit. We got word out via Twitter and Facebook and paired up with a local organization (Sustainablw Waterloo). EVs that participated included Chevy Volts(9), Nissan Leafs(7), Tesla Model S's(3), Smartcar ForTwo's(2), a BMW i3, and a Kia Soul EV. We billed our event as a chance for the public to learn about electric cars from real current electrical vehicle owners, we had no dealers or items for sale, just information and test drives. We had a good location, as the regional mall gave us space in their parking lot (near the L2 car charger). All had a good time and we will want to make a bigger splash next year! Thanks for the opportunity!
Magog Magog, QC Our event inaugurated 5 Level-2 public chargers and one DCQC (CHAdeMO+CCS-Combo) at a local health supercentre (natural food supermarket, medical clinic, spa, etc...). We had 2 conferences including "Myths and realities of electric cars". Good mix of EV's (11 models):Smart (1) Imiev (1) Soul (2) Leaf (6) Focus (2) Fusion Energi (1) Cmax Energi (1) BMW I3 (3) Spark (2) Volt (5) Tesla Model S (6) Good coverage of local newspapers and national TV stations.
Regina Regina, SK The Regina National Drive Week event was a huge success!! Peavey Mart Canada has installed charging stations at each of the retails stores location across Canada and agreed to host the event location in both Saskatchewan cities. 3 Tesla Model S, 1 Nissan Leaf, 2 Chevy Volts, a fully electric 40ft city bus- manufactured by BYD and a 1973 fully electric conversion- volkswagen beetle were in attendance! The event also themed important topics like sustainable energy for electric vehicles (i.e. solar) the charging networks infrastructure currently available and greening Canada's cities with clean transportation methods. We did have a few federal and provincial politicians in attendance and city transit officials. We are expected the event in Saskatoon to be double in size for this weekend! Support is quickly growing for electric vehicles in Saskatchewan and we have a fantastic group of people leading sustainable practices and technology deployment in the province.
Whangarei Whangarei, New Zealand It was a great day in Whangarei, perfect sunny Spring day. The Growers Market was very busy, Robert the manager of the Market estimated the turnout to be between 2,500 to 3,000 people total. Robert put our stall right up front so we had great exposure, most people had to walk by our stall to access the market. We had, 9 Electric Cars, we completed 5 Test Drives, secured 3 LEAF rentals with Blue Cars (NZ 1st 100% Electric Rental Car Company) and 12 volunteers. We had approximately 200 people pass thru our stall to talk, pickup hand-outs and just have a nosy. I have also given 2 additional test drives this week after work from people we met at the Market. After the market we drove to Ureiti Beach, great Kitesurfing beach and then on to Waipu Cove for lunch. Overall a stunning day weather wise and the Electric Car movement is growing momentum in the Southern Hemisphere
Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong Due to the unique logistics in Hong Kong, and difficultly of getting an outdoor location, we ran this as a distributed, but online socially shared, event. We did have a final celebratory evening event on Sunday 20th, but that was really just for participants to get together and celebrate (plus speeches, lucky draw prizes, etc). We arranged a points system, where participants scored points for completing tasks in different categories. The categories were (a) Joining and Publicising, (b) Test Rides, (c) arranging Test Drives, (d) Public Charging, (e) Destination Charging, (f) attending the final gathering, and (g) facilitating an EV sale. We also had a general bonus category for 'above and beyond'. The results were quite simply staggering. By the end of the week, we had approximately 80 active participants. More than 500 test rides were given, 10 test drives arranged, 300 public charges, and 3 EVs were sold, during the week. Almost all of these events were socially shared.

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