National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sep 12-20, 2015

Days: September 12-20, 2015 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Event Report

Due to the unique logistics in Hong Kong, and difficultly of getting an outdoor location, we ran this as a distributed, but online socially shared, event. We did have a final celebratory evening event on Sunday 20th, but that was really just for participants to get together and celebrate (plus speeches, lucky draw prizes, etc).

We arranged a points system, where participants scored points for completing tasks in different categories. The categories were (a) Joining and Publicising, (b) Test Rides, (c) arranging Test Drives, (d) Public Charging, (e) Destination Charging, (f) attending the final gathering, and (g) facilitating an EV sale. We also had a general bonus category for 'above and beyond'.

The results were quite simply staggering. By the end of the week, we had approximately 80 active participants. More than 500 test rides were given, 10 test drives arranged, 300 public charges, and 3 EVs were sold, during the week. Almost all of these events were socially shared.

photo by: Ralph Ng
Kåre Core Lohse presenting the case for EVs to his colleague, during #ndew 2015 Hong Kong.

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The event is pending. Please visit the Attend page to find other National Drive Electric Week events.

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