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Event Registration Summary

  • 152 events in 150 cities
  • 5 countries
  • 38 US states
  • 6 Canadian provinces
  • 11,989 registered attendees
  • 3,310 registered vehicles

Detailed Reports

Registered Attendees By Event

Event Registered
E-Miles Driven
Cupertino, CA 1,573 640 9,024,850 Y
Huntington Beach, CA 1,153 226 3,441,730 Y
San Diego, CA 642 96 1,464,989
Los Angeles, CA 443 52 1,495,770 Y
Devon, PA 350 54 667,492
Fort Lauderdale, FL 342 42 590,404 Y
Woodland Hills, CA 259 82 1,307,353 Y
Oldsmar, FL 252 50 755,169 Y
St Paul, MN 247 98 1,137,571 Y
Issaquah, WA 224 78 1,046,219 Y
Atlanta, GA 222 72 585,606 Y
Orlando, FL 201 45 605,390
Asheville, NC 199 28 270,400 Y
Diamond Bar, CA 177 37 507,504
St. Louis, MO 176 52 622,491 Y
San Rafael, CA 171 29 397,402 Y
Scottsdale, AZ 166 35 335,336 Y
Austin, TX 165 58 501,702 Y
Cohoes, NY 163 46 348,627 Y
Cranston, RI 158 37 225,410 Y
Littleton, CO 157 30 327,973 Y
South Portland, ME 139 27 239,487 Y
San Antonio, TX 138 20 247,997 Y
Melbourne, FL 134 27 245,461 Y
Sarasota, FL 131 24 279,936 Y
Baltimore, MD 130 33 506,335 Y
Naperville, IL 121 31 366,200 Y
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 113 38 487,214 Y
Worcester, MA 107 25 465,977
Longmont, CO 102 20 113,839
Lindenhurst, NY 97 25 210,551 Y
Victoria, BC 94 11 186,300
Pittsburgh, PA 94 38 535,378 Y
Folsom, CA 93 43 77,485 Y
Bluffton, SC 92 18 126,769 Y
Richmond, VA 86 29 517,460 Y
Golden, CO 85 17 184,746
New Britain, CT 82 31 277,886 Y
Laguna Hills, CA 75 20 275,304
Montclair, NJ 70 26 432,445 Y
Boulder, CO 68 12 135,500
Ottawa, ON 67 23 469,877 Y
Poolesville, MD 66 30 275,434 Y
Portland, OR 65 25 289,397 Y
South Burlington, VT 64 27 194,171 Y
Steilacoom, WA 62 20 261,084 Y
Ann Arbor, MI 60 21 177,759
Columbus, OH 60 12 78,930 Y
Rochester, NY 58 27 325,952 Y
Jacksonville, FL 56 13 130,093
Morristown, NJ 55 24 355,679 Y
Washington, DC 54 29 357,167
Boston, MA 54 10 131,670
Syracuse, NY 54 24 292,090 Y
Columbia, SC 53 13 161,103 Y
Houston, TX 52 16 155,870 Y
Raleigh, NC 51 20 368,592 Y
Liberty Lake, WA 51 19 204,061 Y
Colorado Springs, CO 49 18 154,368 Y
Capitola, CA 48 14 174,728
Annapolis, MD 47 19 357,534 Y
Tucson, AZ 47 14 227,041 Y
Mesa, AZ 46 6 138,798
Riverside, CA 46 6 30,120
Bethesda, MD 45 24 402,694
Chicago, IL 43 8 97,256
Santa Rosa, CA 42 14 225,250
Wilsonville, OR 41 20 178,711
New York City, NY 41 15 80,030 Y
Boise, ID 40 13 97,860 Y
Seven Springs, PA 39 13 24,727 Y
Calgary, AB 36 12 137,500 Y
Baton Rouge, LA 35 5 37,410 Y
Hartford, CT 35 11 191,899 Y
Huntsville, AL 34 14 147,847
Point Reyes, CA 34 7 193,641 Y
Concord, NH 33 13 190,015 Y
Highland, NY 31 19 148,031 Y
Las Vegas, NV 31 9 54,499 Y
Murray, UT 30 12 108,645
Reno, NV 30 12 150,728
Novi, MI 28 14 138,461 Y
Charlotte, NC 28 10 81,450 Y
Knoxville, TN 27 16 181,849 Y
Frederick, MD 27 10 170,028 Y
Indianapolis, IN 26 16 264,714
Plymouth, MA 26 5 38,263
Annville, PA 26 13 189,476
Etobicoke, ON 25 14 162,500
Madison, NJ 24 12 260,125 Y
Fort Collins, CO 23 3 43,200
Fairfax, VA 21 12 170,970 Y
Kansas City, MO 20 12 126,389 Y
Wellesley, MA 19 6 43,160 Y
Storrs, CT 19 7 79,835 Y
Overland Park, KS 17 7 58,700
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 17 3 22,900
Houston, TX 14 8 102,327
Prairie Village, KS 14 8 63,300
Pasco, WA 14 4 44,885 Y
East Lansing, MI 13 0
Bakersfield, CA 13 2 32,000 Y
Mississauga, ON 13 10 318,000
Goleta, CA 13 6 30,596 Y
Palm Desert, CA 13 5 54,300
Eugene, OR 12 4 41,200
Newark, NJ 12 2 47,500
Redding, CA 10 2 30,300
Wenatchee, WA 10 2 11,972 Y
Lincoln City, OR 9 7 188,579
Honolulu, HI 9 4 24,950
Charlotte, NC 8 6 37,356
Lihue, HI 8 4 24,550
Winnipeg, MB 7 3 21,500
Corvallis, OR 6 2 50,200 Y
Kingsport, TN 6 2 23,586 Y
Gorham, NH 5 1 21,000
Gatineau, QC 4 2 12,300 Y
Hamilton, ON 4 4 101,100 Y
Milwaukee, WI 3 1 17,000 Y
Westport, CT 3 2 7,000
Vineyard Haven, MA 3 1 10,000
Clyde, NC 2 2 1,200
Carvico (BG), Italy 2 1 Y
Perrysburg, OH 2 0 Y
Burlington, VT 2 0
Oroville, CA 2 0
Weaverville, NC 2 1 7,500
Chico, CA 1 0
Wilmington, NC 1 1 7,500
Saskatoon, SK 0 0
Juneau, AK 0 0 Y
Marlborough, MA 0 0 Y
Trois-Rivières, QC 0 0
Monza, Italy 0 0
Rome, Italy 0 0
Osio Sotto, BG, Italy 0 0 Y
Cinisello Balsamo, Italy 0 0 Y
NRL, DC 0 0
The Hague, Netherlands 0 0
Missoula, MT 0 0
Enschede, Netherlands 0 0
Rotterdam, Netherlands 0 0
Tilburg, Netherlands 0 0
Boucherville, QC 0 0 Y
Copenhagen, Denmark 0 0
Victoriaville, QC 0 0
Somerville, MA 0 0 Y
Almere, Netherlands 0 0
Amsterdam, Netherlands 0 0
Eindhoven-Helmond, Netherlands 0 0
Utrecht-De Bilt, Netherlands 0 0
152 Events 11,989 3,310 42,713,640 83
Event Registered
E-Miles Driven

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Registered Vehicles By Type

Make and Model Vehicles Events
Nissan LEAF 1056 116
Tesla Model S 476 104
Chevrolet Volt 525 98
Ford C-MAX Energi 86 54
Ford Focus Electric 102 48
Smart fortwo electric drive 70 40
Toyota Plug-in Prius 77 39
Tesla Roadster 69 38
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 48 35
BMW i3 REx 52 34
BMW i3 63 34
Ford Fusion Energi 42 31
Zero Motorcycle 47 29
Toyota RAV4 EV (2012 and later) 105 24
Fiat 500e 67 15
Cadillac ELR 16 15
Honda Fit EV 45 15
Toyota RAV4 EV (1997-2003) 24 13
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive 15 13
Chevy Spark EV 49 13
Think City 26 12
Fisker Karma 9 7
CODA Sedan 9 5
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid 4 4
Ford Ranger EV (1997-2003) 5 4
Brammo 4 4
Kia Soul EV 5 4
Vectrix Electric Scooter 3 3
Solectria Sunrise 3 3
BMW Mini-E 3 2
Ford Transit Connect Electric 2 2
Giant 1 1
Current Motor 1 1
BMW ActiveE 8 1
Tango T600 1 1
Soleq EVcort 1 1
Wheego Whip LiFe 1 1
Honda Accord Plug-In 1 1
AC Propulsion tzero 1 1
Lightning Motorcycle 1 1
AC Propulsion eBox 1 1
Smith Electric Newton 1 1
Corbin Sparrow 2 1
Other Plug-In Vehicle 138 62
Other 25 19
EV Conversion 20 9
46 Models 3,310
Make and Model Vehicles Events

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Event Notes

Event City Notable Participants
Juneau Wrangell, AK The Southeast Alaska event was a successful introduction to many folks who had never seen an electric vehicle or had the opportunity to drive or ride in and EV. Juneau Hydropower, Inc. sent one of its electric vehicles from Juneau to Wrangell on a State of Alaska Ferry to support the Southeast Conference. The Conference was attended by Southeast Alaska Mayors, Elected Representatives, electric utility managers and employees, key business leaders of the tourism, seafood and energy sectors along with representatives from the Governors Office. The three day event started with a presentation on the Future of Electric Vehicles for Southeast Alaska along with an update of the continued deployment of public charging stations for the Capital City of Juneau. The presentation included key metrics on comparisons of gas prices in Southeast Alaska compared to the electric rates. Some notable folks taking test drives was Alaska Attorney General Michael Geraghty and Rep. Cathy Munoz (Juneau)
Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ We think everyone is notable. A few people who never had seen an electric were very interesting. We thought everyone had at least seen or read about the great advances Electrics have made and keep making. We had wide eyed children to many students and parents and grand parents. It was a great mix of people from all over and every age.
Tucson Tucson, AZ National Drive Electric Week / Tucson - know locally as Tucson Plugs In 2014 - was a grand success on several levels. Our local EAA chapter, the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA,) was the principle organizer and the basic template began as a reproduction of what we did 2013. It ended up being, however, a collaborative effort with Tucson’s diverse community of environmental activists who were organizing a complimentary version to the New York City People’s Climate March, which was also occurring on September 21st. I’m not sure how many other NDEW city organizers were able to bridge these two activities into one, but I’m very happy to report that our union worked out beautifully. So many people to thank at this end and so little space to list them all! I only wish the local media (apparently asleep this particular weekend) could have been more attentive.
Bakersfield Bakersfield, CA News coverage...
Capitola Capitola, CA Michael Termini, Capitola City Councilman; John Leopold, County of Santa Cruz Supervisor; and Stella, the world's first solar-powered family car with the solar team from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands; Lex Hoefsloot, Team Leader of Solar Team Eindhoven; and Peter van Deventer, Diplomatic Liaison and Director of Coast to Coast e-Mobility; and, Ron Freund, Chairman, Electric Auto Association. Debbie Hale, Transportation Agency of Monterey County; Jim Howes, Assistant Superintendent,ROP, Santa Cruz County Schools; Lynn Robinson, Mayor, City of Santa Cruz; and Jay Friedland, Plug In America Legislative Director
Carmel-by-the-Sea Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA Exceptional turn out, test drives were successful. Many people focused on the "use of charging stations."
Cupertino Cupertino, CA We had the pleasure of hosting Zan Dubin-Scott in the trailing vehicle and to present at the announcement of the World Record. Tom Gage, the now president of EVGrid, but ex-CEO and co-founder of AC Propulsion, also drove in the parade.
Diamond Bar Diamond Bar, CA Paul Scott and Linda Nichols, PIA co-founders, Wally Rappel, EV pioneer and winner of first(1968)Transcontinental EV race between Cal Tech and MIT, Lisa Marisola, SCAQMD program supervisor, Diamond Bar City Council Member Jack Tanaka, Walnut Solar Car team, high school students who built and raced nationally in a photovoltaic vehicle, DB4 Middle and high school volunteers. 52% of participant cars were I.C.E., all future EV drivers. 579,473 Gas free miles, 6 manufacturers represented by dealers (new KIA Soul) Eco liner Transit Bus, vendor- Ice Cream and cookie truck 2 Chinese news agency's, and city reporter. Info on city cable channel and Calendar. Rides given data of 80 is trips not occupants, this #, Ev #, and Participants # are probably low.
Folsom Folsom, CA Had 170 test drive wristbands applied, with these attendees taking 1 to 3 test drives each (over 300 test drive activities total). Shortage of dealer vehicles this year, but able to have BMW i3 and Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive as part of test drive. On display, Nissan e-NV200 electric van and Kia Soul EV, plus UC Davis formula electric race car.
Goleta Goleta, CA We had owners and vehicles of the following: Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, Fiat 500e, Chevy Spark EV, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford Transit Connect EV, Hebb Ebike. We had multiples of some vehicles, along with informational displays from Plug In Central Coast, the local EV Readiness Effort.
Huntington Beach Huntington Beach, CA Matthew Harper - Mayor Huntington Beach Joe Shaw - Mayor Pro Tempore Ed Kjaer - SCE Director Transportation Electrification Jeff Clark - 2 time Pikes Peak Champ Kitty Adams - Executive Director, Adopt a Charger Scott Dupont - Filmmaker, "What is The Electric Car" Linda Nicholes - co-founder and past president of Plug In America BMWi NA gifted Mayor Harper a $7500 Level 3 Public Charger for the City of Huntington Beach Mitsubishi Motors North America donated $200 to Plug In America Every Plug In model for sale in California was represented including Nissan Leaf, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, BMW i3 & i8, Chevrolet Volt & Spark, Ford Focus EV, Fusion Energi & C-Max Energi, Toyota Plug In Prius & RAV4 EV, Fiat 500e, Smart ED, Cadillac ELR, Mitsubishi I-MIEV, Mercedes Benz B-Class, 17 models in all. Unreleased models were also represented including Kia Soul EV, Volkswagen eGolf and BYD e6. Never before accomplished, the largest Plug In expo ever! 81% ICE attendance
Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's representatives awarded a proclamation naming Sept. 15-21, 2014 National Drive Electric Week in the City of Los Angeles. From the Whereases: "local greenhouse gas emissions...are a contributing factor to air pollution and climate change, threateningthe health of our citizens and the sustainability of our planet." Gasoline prices are escalating "to levels that overburden commerce, hurt economic growth and cause hardship to our citizens." EVs "reduce our dependence on foreign fuels, and support a healthy environment and economy." National Drive Electric Week showcases "the fun, convenience, clean-air benefits and cost-savings of electric cars...." Ed Begley, Jr., who has driven an EV on solar power longer than anyone on Earth, celebrated his 65th birthday with us and joined our speaking program.
Palm Desert Palm Desert, CA No notable people. We are planning for bigger and better for 2015! Thanks :-)
Point Reyes Point Reyes Station, CA This event was a ribbon cutting for the new Adopt a Charger installation at Point Reyes National Seashore in memorial to Craig Childers, a long time Engineer with CARB and a strong proponent for plug in vehicles. The Marin School of Environment Leadership collaborated with Adopt a Charger and was able to secure funding from the County of Marin, the Transportation Authority of Marin, the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association and Electric Auto Association to fund (3) Level 2 and (2) level 1 EV charging opportunities. Marin County Supervisor, Steve Kinsey and Cicely Muldoon, the Superintendent of Point Reyes National Seashore were on hand for the ribbon cutting. A special thank you goes to Marc Geller from Plug In America for spearheading the project.
Redding Redding, CA The Vice Mayor presented a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Redding, declaring National Drive Electric Week in Redding, CA.
San Diego San Diego, CA San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts Christine Kehoe, California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative Len Hering, Rear Adm., U.S. Navy (Ret.), Center for Sustainable Energy, Executive Director Jason Anderson, Cleantech San Diego, President Jim Avery, San Diego Gas & Electric, Senior Vice President, Power Supply
San Rafael San Rafael, CA California State Assembly Member Marc Levine, Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold, Transportation Authority of Marin Executive Director Dianne Steinhauser, Mayor of Novato, California Eric Lucan,
Woodland Hills Woodland Hills, CA City Councilman Bob Blumenfield spoke. Multiple attendees were in "Who Killed the Electric Car" movie and even "Pump."
Boulder Boulder, CO The Boulder NDEW event was held in conjunction with the Boulder Farmers Market and was supported by the City of Boulder which provided space for the vehicle displays and test drives. The event was covered by Boulder’s Channel 8, which conducted several interviews and aired a segment on its station. This was the first NDEW event in Boulder and it was very well received.
Golden Golden, CO No celebrities. The number of test rides (20) represents the number of people, not the number of rides, since multiple people might be in the same ride.
Littleton Littleton, CO This year’s Drive Electric Week event , entitled “Driving Change” was the largest yet in terms of the number of EVs on display, number of vehicles available for test drive and number of test drives given! The three- hour event was scheduled to end at 2pm, but because of overwhelming demand, the OEM’s stayed an additional hour. Most of the OEM’s had a wait time of 30 minutes to 1 hour the entire event. Many EV owners supported the event by bringing vehicles and speaking with event attendees. The event also featured showcase opportunities for EV charging and solar providers. The location at Aspen Grove Shopping Center generated lots of foot traffic and we were able to work with many of the Center’s merchants to establish a cross-promotion that benefited the retailers and restaurants as well as our event.
Longmont Longmont, CO - City of Longmont - Longmont Power & Communications
Hartford Hartford, CT We had various legislators and OEM reps at our event. The OEM reps (from Ford, GM, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota) participated in our panel discussion on EV technology and benefits. We also had a VP from the National Auto Dealers Association on the panel and the discussion was moderated by Senator Toni Boucher and Representative Lonnie Reed.
New Britain New Britain, CT Dr. Richard Bachoo, CCSU Chief Administration Officer, conducted the new EVSE charging station dedication.
Storrs Storrs, CT Mansfield Mayor Betsy Paterson
NRL Washington, DC We very much enjoyed our visit by Captain Szczublewski who was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to come talk with us.
Orlando Casselberry, FL During planning we had booked a band to perform for 4 hours. Partnered with the local Farmer's Market and had arranged for vehicle placement around the stage and farmers market area with heavy foot traffic. We had the Mayor and Commissioner's set to open the ceremony. Unfortunately, the day of the event a Nor'easter (heavy rain storm) hit Central Florida, which caused the band, Mayor and Farmer's Market to cancel. The Electric Car event occurred, as planned, thanks to the dedication of the local EV community and EV dealers from Tesla, Ford, Chevy and Mitsubishi. Many people planning to attend the Farmer's Market and others from the community that wanted to learn about electric transportation attended and it was a GREAT success. We received coverage from three leading local media outlets and all stories were positive. The city was happy with the turnout and offered to host the event anytime in the future.
Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL Our event began with a thunderstorm followed by continuous rain. Nonetheless, our EV enthusiasts joined us with smiles and heart-warming enthusiasm - not allowing the inclement weather to deter their plans to gather with one another and educate the public about the benefits of driving electric! Although only one local car dealership braved the rain, people lined up with umbrellas to enjoy their test drives in a Nissan Leaf. Nothing short of a Florida hurricane would have discouraged the folks who joined us at our NDEW event!! Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this happen!!
Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL No celebrities or politicians. Just cool folks with a great attitude!
Melbourne Melbourne, FL We had members of the Melbourne, Fl City Council as well as Mayor of Melbourne, FL Kathy Meehan on hand to open the event and read a NDEW proclamation. Due to significant, sustained bad weather we had numerous rain delays and some EV owner and Exhibitor cancellations. However most of the vendors and attendees braved the storms taking shelter under exhibitor tents, in the city parking deck, or under cover of an umbrella. FPL provided a caricature artist for the event which was a huge hit, and the city of Melbourne provided a DJ for the event. We held demo sessions with a L2 Schneider Electric EVlink in home charger to show attendees how simple it is to plug in. We closed the event with an EV caravan through the down town strip which included 3 Tesla model s, a Tesla roadster, a Porsche Panamera e-hybrid, leafs, volts, an i3, 2 ford fusion energis, a Rav4EV, and a Plugin Prius.
Sarasota Sarasota, FL Sarasota County Administrator Tom Harmer and City of Sarasota Vice-Mayor Susan Chapman read their respective proclamations for Drive Electric Week. We had several other City and County commissioners attend as well as the City of Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin. Overall, the rain might have kept some folks away this year, but we had more people, more EV Owner participation, and more Dealership participation than last year.
Lihue Lihue, HI It was our first year and we were overwhelmed with info and needed more hands. Goran, of Haleakala Solar, joined us and was happy to share lots of info. Hopefully, next year we will have a core group of people who will be willing to help out, and the local Nissan dealer will be willing to lend support.
Honolulu Waipahu, HI The Honolulu event was a success! We got to see, touch, and ride/drive some of the coolest electric vehicles being made! Plus, we were able to answer a lot of questions about EVs, charging, and incentives. One person brought his drone and did a cool flyover video of our event and took a group picture of us. We had a difficult time finding a venue for this event and didn't secure a location until the last minute. Despite the fact we had little time to promote the event, we had a great turn out. EV owners are some of the best spokespeople for these cars and it was a good mix of owners and car dealers offering ride and drives. We had a good range of prices for the EVs presented, showing that there is an EV model available no matter what your budget might be. Everyone had a good time, we are already planning our next EV event.
Boise Boise, ID We celebrated the opening of downtown Boise's first public Electric Vehicle charging station, right here at the Sierra Club’s office.
Naperville Naperville, IL The FVEAA had a steady stream of drivers waiting in line to take a test drive at the Naperville Car Test Track. 2 Leafs, 1 Volt, 2 Teslas, 2 Mitsubishi i, 1 BMW i3, and several "converted" cars were busy all day. (No notable celebrities)
Overland Park Overland Park, KS We had 4 Teslas, 4 Nissan Leafs, 4 Chevy Volts, a Twike, a Chevy S-10 conversion, '74 VW beetle conversion and a plug in Prius conversion. ON Saturday the 20th in KC, MO we had 2 Teslas, 3 Leafs, a Twike, a BMW 325i conversion and 1 electric bike. We had about 25 people at our static display. We then paraded thru the Country Club Plaza where the annual Art Fair was in full swing. The Twike led the way and it turned a lot of heads. Lots of new EV drivers were encouraged to join the local chapter and help promote electric transportation. Sprint has added 15 new charging stations to their Overland Park Campus. The former CEO purchased a Tesla and the charging station project jumped to the head of the list.
Prairie Village Prairie Village, KS Our event was in conjunction with the church dinner and education night. We had fliers and information boards. We had two Teslas,three Leafs, a Plug in Prius, Ford C-Max Energi, Chevy Volt, '74 VW restoration EV and a Twike.
Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA Sierra Club Baton Rouge, Nissan, Solar Alternatives and Louisiana Clean Fuels displayed at the event. Dorothy Leblanc, a local singer/songwriter/musician performed. Two local television stations and the local newspaper The Advocate covered the event.
Plymouth Plymouth, MA Kenneth A. Tavares, Chairman of Selectman of Plymouth (R) Mathew J. Muratore, Selectman of Plymouth and candidate for State Rep. 1st Plymouth District (R) Vinny deMacedo, State Rep 1st Plymouth District, Candidate for State Senate (D) Matt Patrick, Candidate for State Senate
Somerville Somerville, MA Somerville’s Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Massachusetts’ Undersecretary for Environment Martin Suuberg and Commissioner David Cash from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection celebrated NDEW and Somerville’s commitment to becoming a net zero carbon city. Somerville will install 8 public EV charging stations and add 16 EVs to their fleet using MassDEP funding. Already at City Hall were several Smart Electric Drive city vehicles. The Mayor drove a Nissan Leaf and a smart electric. MassDEP’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP) provides incentives to Massachusetts public and private entities, including municipalities, state fleet, universities and colleges, and driver’s education schools, for the acquisition of electric vehicles and charging stations. MassDEP is still accepting applications under MassEVIP Phase 3 until the remaining $1.4 million in available funding is expended.
Vineyard Haven Vineyard Haven, MA Steven Russell from the Massachusetts Clean cities Coalition and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources was in attendance and provided our guests with tremendous amounts of information about the Electric vehicles and the clean energy market. Aaron Myatt from the Trikke Academy was also in attendance offering test rides of regular Trikkes and electric powered Trikkes.
Wellesley Wellesley, MA We celebrated the collaboration between EV owners, office park managers and the Commonwealth to provide “fueling” at work along with priority parking so that other tenants can see these cool cars and consider EV benefits for their own driving needs. Massachusetts Undersecretary for Environment Martin Suuberg congratulated John Hancock VP Paul Crowley for being the most successful applicant for a MassDEP workplace charging grant. Tenants of the office park suggested to John Hancock that charging stations would be a worthwhile sustainability project. John Hancock acted on that suggestion by applying for and receiving funding to install 16 charging stations this year with plans to double that number next year. The Workplace Charging Program has provided funding for 145 charging points at 70 different workplaces and is still open for more applications. Undersecretary Suuberg drove in a BMW i3 and drove a Nissan Leaf back to Boston.
Annapolis Annapolis, MD It was a great event with many drivers card including the BMW I3 , the Mercedes B class electric, a Tesla roadster,one Porsche 914 conversion and many others. The venue always has a lot or people as well as those that specifically came to view the electric cars.
Baltimore Baltimore, MD Mark Czajka, Director, MD Volt Inc. organized the event. During a presentation and award ceremony, Mark read a Proclamation from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, proclaiming September 15-21, 2014 as "National Drive Electric Week" in Baltimore. MD Volt Inc. presented "Best Place to Plug In" Awards to Montgomery and Howard Counties for their recent legislation combating ICING of electric vehicle charging spaces. Tommy Heyboer, Legislative Aide & Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Council member Hans Riemer, received the award for Montgomery County. Tommy Underwood, Special Assistant to Council member Jen Terrasa, received the award for Howard County. Also attending were Jill Sorensen, Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative (BEVI) Executive Director and Board Member and Dina Beaumont, daughter of the late Bob Beaumont. Bob Beaumont created and built the CitiCar and the Tropica electric vehicles. Additional Photos:
Bethesda Bethesda, MD 57 tesla model s. BMW dealer and Mercedes dealers showed up
Frederick Frederick, MD The event was in front of Mom's Organic Market. While there were no celebrities or politicians, we were able to talk to many ordinary people who previously had little exposure to EVs. Our list of registered models include Leafs, Volts, a Tesla Roadster, and a Honda Fit EV. We had a few surprise EVs show up including two Smart EVs. While the volume of folks going by wasn't very large, conversations tended to be more than just a minute or two. In several cases people talked to us for 15 minutes or more.
Poolesville Poolesville, MD FYI: I would say we had between 300 - 400 come by the display, but we had at least 2000 view 14 of the cars that were in the Parade that started the day. The Parade was part of Poolesville Day. We had about 9,000 people come to Poolesville Day event (still waiting on the official numbers). We were on the far edge of the event and I estimated only about 450 came by us. This is something we are going to work with the Town of Poolesville to change next year. Either we are going to change our location to be more in the center of the event or we are going to find another way to get traffic down to us. I will also be looking to have a committee of planners and helpers (instead of just me) and I plan on starting at least 6 months out. I want to report numbers in the thousands :-) next year. Any idea of when it will be next year?
South Portland South Portland, ME Present at our event was the first driver of a LEAF delivered in Maine and 2nd yr city captain yours truly Marc Lausier (I'm presently driving my second LEAF), Barry Woods city captain and director at Plug In American as well as the organization's former president Chad Schwitters. There were a couple of politicians and the most important people of all...those who don't yet own an electric vehicle. My main focus and that of this EVent was to positively influence them with the hope an EV will soon become part of their lives! And the true VIP's of National Drive Electric Week event were the children to whom I gave free NDEW 2014 embroidered caps with the promise they will buy an electric car when old enough...I suspect many will follow through on that promise.
East Lansing East Lansing, MI Our event was attended by certain key people who are in positions to purchase PEVs for their fleets and to impact infrastructure installation decisions (municipal government staff and public utility staff). We were happy to hear from attendees who would like to stay engaged into the future to help promote PEVs. We were unable to get any quality photos from this event. We do have other events focused on PEVs that we can share a photo of, if you'd like, but not from this specific event.
Novi Novi, MI There was a lively discussion of the importance of industry stakeholders becoming proactive in the international discussion about the adoption of plug-in vehicles. Additional items of discussion included experiences of a long time Tesla owner, issues surrounding the installation of EVSE's and their evolution. A legal expert addressed the legal implications of the Tesla/dealer debate and the need for people in the industry to support plug-in vehicles. During the event, we had a Tesla with over 43,000 miles on the Battery Conference floor at the Tech Discussion area, Vendors were able to talk with the car owner about his experience. Since the show is an international show with vendors from many countries including China, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain, the interest was great and the impact of having a Tesla was important to this event. Comments from conference attendees included many mentioning that the Tesla was the most visited 'booth' at the show.
Kansas City Kansas City, MO Unable to get the big names to attend. We had new ev owners who will now become involved with the local ev club MAEAA. Some will now attend the remaining three events that round out the NDEW in the KC metro area. We had a Tesla, 2BMW I-3, 6 Leafs, 2 Ford focus EVs, two Ford C-Max energi, a Ford Fusion energi, 3 Chevy Volts, a Twike, an e-bike, e-scooter and a VW conversion. We also had 7 hybrids. We had tables inside: Orange EV that makes electric terminal trucks, KC Clean Cities and the Sierra Club
Asheville Asheville, NC NC State Senator Terry Van Duyn. The total for the single day, 21Sept14 FREE Electric Car Show & RIde was: 389 people, 26 cars, 180 rides. The weekly total (for all Asheville events not reported elsewhere): 788 People, 56 cars, and 184 rides included the events for the full National Drive Electric Week.
Charlotte Charlotte, NC Executive Director of Envision Charlotte; City of Charlotte Sustainability Director; Mecklenburg County Sustainability Officer; Duke Energy Electric Vehicle Program Managers
Weaverville Weaverville, NC Comment: Of the two events scheduled in Weaverville, only th 17Sept14 Weaverville Tailgate market was run. The statistics come from that event. The 20Sept14 booth/car display at the Weaverville Art In Autumn show needed to be removed after set-up due to a misscommunication between the city manager/police who had approved it and the organizers who placed some untenable constraints on our involvement. City Manager could not be contacted to resolve.
Madison Madison, NJ We were joined at the event by Chad Schwitters and his wife who stopt off along their cross-country drive from Washington State.
Morristown Morristown, NJ Hats off to Alexander P. Brown who took a sign, stood in the road, and dragged passers by in!
Newark Newark, NJ There were no celebrities or politicians at our event. John Arnesen from Nissan did attend our event. He said they go to about a quarter of the events so it was nice to have him attend ours!
Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Multiple Events in Las Vegas included electric car presentations to students and faculty at East Career & Technical Academy, to first responders at the Nevada Traffic Incident Management coalition, and to the Solar NV chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. The Nevada Electric Vehicle Accelerator staged a statewide webcast. Green Alliance of Nevada hosted a panel discussion at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip about the "Future of Transportation n Nevada that included state senators Kelvin Atkinson (Energy Committee) and Pat Spearman (Transportation Committee). An "Electric Juice Bar Crawl" toured local EV recharging sites.
Reno Reno, NV None
Cohoes Cohoes, NY The head of Nissan North America's EV Marketing and Sales Strategy, John Arnesen flew in from Nashville TN to support our event. He provided many boxes of free LEAF labeled merchandise for attendees. We had six EV dealers displaying and providing test drives: LEAF, i3, B-Class, Smart ED, i-Miev, Fusion Energi, and three Zero Motorcycles. We started the event off with a 2 mile EV parade which lead all drivers to make a grand entrance at the show grounds simultaneously. This event was bigger and better than last year's event and showed excellent growth. WNYT News Channel 13 sent a camera crew to report at our event and aired a report on the 6:00 pm, 10:00 pm, and 11:00 pm news on Sunday night. On Monday morning it aired one more time at 5:30 am.
Highland Highland, NY NY Assesmblyman Frank Skartados
Lindenhurst Lindenhurst, NY Our event was held in the extensive parking lot of the Babylon Town Hall that accommodated our needs. The Sierra Club provided an ample gathering tent and seating accommodations for the participant vendors and gest. We had the presence of the Town of Babylon authorities and the TV media had full coverage ef the event, interviewing EAA members and the casual visitor. The vehicle owners exhibitors were the most enthusiastic example of the growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles that are exponentially growing every day in Long Island, New York.
New York City New York City, NY We gathered a small 'EV Bloc' at the People's Climate March in New York City. There were more than 300,000 people marching the streets of New York demanding action from world leaders on climate change. Our 'EV Bloc' members were from all over the northeast, including plug-in car and plug-in motorcycle drivers. We had about a dozen people who came to be part of our 'EV Bloc' (plus several more who apparently came but couldn't find us because it was so crowded). We all had EV signs that said things like "Don't Pollute on Your Commute;" "Gas Sux;" "Electric Cars are Sexy;" and "Cars Don't Need Fossile Fuels." I'm conservatively estimating that about 300 people saw our signs. My "Electric Cars Are Sexy" sign was apparently so appealing that someone stole it while I was in a porta-potty for 60 seconds!
Rochester Penfield, NY Town Supervisor, Tony LaFountain, attended.
Syracuse Syracuse, NY No famous people attended the event, but we did have some 'rare' vehicles, such as the THINK, Tesla Roadster, Dodge Daytona (conversion) and a Smith Electric Newton Delivery Truck (operated by Frito Lay). We also had 2 Cadillac ELRs and several BMW i3s which were extremely popular from a test drive perspective. Both local news stations (NBC & ABC) shot extensive video of the event, and showed it on the 6pm news.
Perrysburg Perrysburg, OH Saturday's ride-and-drive event was drive our first event to align with the National Drive Electric Week. Although attendance was lighter than expected the afternoon event was successful. On-site charging was provided by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, providing a Clipper Creek CS40 EVSE for the event. Those who attended were very interested in the aspects of owning an electric vehicle, including cost of recharging, range, and usage in the cold Ohio winters.
Corvallis Corvallis, OR We had the most important people, those who are highly likely to convert soon to EV use. Those are Farmers' Market customers. Because school is starting and OSU would play a home game that evening, many students, parents and alumni were here from many western cities. Our EV Exhibit Area in the Market was limited to space for three vehicles. A great attractant was a Tesla, driven from Albuquerque on the first leg of a western tour. Next was a Focus Electric and then a Leaf. That popular exhibit and great newspaper coverage in the Mid-Valley Sunday Edition of the Gazette-Times more than compensated for our low ride/drive outcome. Much of the coverage was front page. The complete article is in the media/press report. Its downside was too much focus on my son and me. However, it sparked much wider interest in EVs. I am getting calls from people who want advice and help in finding and buying either a pre-owned or a new EV. The low ride/drive numbers are because those vehicles had to be stationed 3 blocks away. So next year our ride/drive terminal will be in the private parking lot, across the sidewalk from our Exhibit Area. It has street access. So stay tuned to Corvallis for a great 2015 NDEW event.
Eugene Eugene, OR Phil Barnhart Oregon State Representative
Lincoln City Lincoln City, OR This event was part of the Cruisin’ the Bay Car Show, held annually at the Bay House Restaurant parking lot. The icing on the cake was when Stephen and Lea’s Tesla Model S won the Cruisin’ the Bay Car Show’s Best in Class Post-1990’s award.
Portland Portland, OR No notable people.
Annville Annville, PA No celebrities attended but those that came out to see the cars and documentary were very enthusiastic. We also had a couple that provide solar installation of all sizes and a fellow that installs charging stations. Five hundred dollars was raised toward the installation of a charging station at The Allen Theatre. It was a well rounded event.
Devon Devon, PA Our test drive number is actual dealer test drives, in addition, with about 18 active EVs giving test "rides" out of approximately 55 attending, we had approximately 180 more rides given and if you count passengers along with the drives or rides, I estimate the proper number is 400 rides&drives Notables: Tony Weeks (Nissan Motors - National Sponsor) - Industry Growth & Standards State Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr. (PA Dist. 44, Chair Transportation) Dr. Manan Trivedi (PA District 6 Congressional candidate) Michael L. Craner (Renew America Roadtrip - Organizer) - First to ever drive a Tesla cross country Dick Johnson (Autoport) - Vehicle to Grid & Managing Diane Phillips (St. Joe’s Univ., The New Climate Reality) - Climate Change Science
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA It would be useful in the future, if you are capturing data from city captains, to provide a confirmation number or code after data was submitted to make sure both parties were successful in transmitting and receiving said data. That said, I'm once again giving you my best guess as I did not require those giving rides and drives to log those items. Attendance, at least 100 throughout the day. Number of plug in vehicles, approximately 40 Number of ride and drives - approximately 20 - 25.
Seven Springs Seven Springs, PA The East Coast Electric Vehicle Round Up at Mother Earth News Fair was a three day event. On Friday, September 12th we had 11 vehicles; 3 Production Electrics, 2 Hybrids, 3 Converted Electrics, 2 Electric Bikes and 1 Electric Tractor. On Saturday, September 13th we had 18 vehicles; 7 Production Electrics, 3 Hybrids, 4 Converted Electrics, 3 Electric Bikes and 1 Electric Tractor. On Sunday, September 14th we had 19 vehicles; 9 Production Electrics, 2 Hybrids, 4 Converted Electrics, 3 Electric Bikes and 1 Electric Tractor. Some vehicles stayed several days, some one day. For the event total we had 23 vehicles; 11 Production Electrics, 4 Hybrids, 4 Converted Electrics, 3 Electric Bikes and 1 Electric Tractor. Total Vehicle Value: $600,000. Ed Begley Jr attended the Mother Earth News Fair and several of our vehicle owners were able to listen to him speak and some even got pictures of him or pictures with him. Everyone is looking forward to coming back next September.
Cranston Cranston, RI Senator Jack Reed Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Congressman Jim Langevin Congressman David Cicilline Mayor Allan Fung Commissioner Marion Gold (RI OER)
Bluffton Bluffton, SC WHHI a local television station was at the event interviewing electric vehicle owners and attendees of the event.
Columbia Columbia, SC 2012 Jeopardy! Kids Week Champion, Josiah Washington, was thrilled to ride in the Tesla Model S. The now 14 year old, who wants to be a roller coaster engineer, threw his hands in the air as if on a roller coaster when Tesla owner, Alan Buck, gave a brief demonstration of the Model S' acceleration.
Dallas-Fort Worth Dallas-Fort Worth, TX We had a great event in Dallas-Fort Worth. We started the week off at local car dealers educating folks and doing test drives with the EV Specialist at each dealer. We ended the week at the North Texas Electric Auto Association meeting where owners and potential owners gathered to provide EV education.
Houston Houston, TX We had a good EVent. Unfortunately we got rained on for most of the EVent so we were down a couple of cars and since the cars were outside and the food, drink, and good speakers were inside, we had a limited (probably 30%) of folks braving the elements to learn about EV's. On the positive, there were two folks that told us that they are going to buy Nissan Leaf's. :) 2 out of 20 is 10%. Not bad I think. We are looking forward to our IKEA EVent. Hope the weather cooperates. Oh, celebrities? why the EV owners of course, that came out to tell their story and answer all the questions. :)
San Antonio San Antonio, TX People had a lot of fun and from the feedback, the event seemed to have given people a well rounded introduction to all things EV. We had an Energy lab which created excitement among kids and adults alike. We had EVs at many price points and varying forms (Student made, go karts, trikes, etc) Our technical talks covered topics from San Antonio's energy portfolio,present and future EV infrastructure, benefits of EVs in a smarter grid and Lithium technology advancements and challenges We had a few home built EVs and they still catch peoples' attention with Teslas beside them. We arranged tours to see the on-site 150kW PV installation The speakers included a senior scientist (Dr. Mike Miller) from Southwest Research Institute, Strategic Research & Innovation Manager(Dr Eddie Kirby) at CPS(utility) & Dr. Les Shepard a professor and local policy maker. Overall it was a great event-enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the NDEW community!
Murray Murray, UT It was a Blast! Nissan came through with a bunch of Swag that the People Loved, our Drawings were Awesome too. From Car Charging Stations to Electric Lawnmowers to Kindle Fires were given out, anything that Plugs In! We had Blue Monkey Electric Bicycles stealing the Show with their Electric Bikes and Zero Motorcycles was there too! We had Mike Lookinland, also know as Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch there talking about his Love for EVs. We also had EV Expert Mark D. Larsen, contributor to many Online EV Magazines and John Loveless, local EV Advocate and Mad Scientist! Josh Edson Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray City Captain for Utah 801-898-6901
Fairfax Fairfax, VA It was very kind of Supervisor Smyth to come to our event and present us with a plaque recognizing this as Drive Electric Week in Fairfax County. We had an expert Videographer film Phase 1 of the event so look for that video on YouTube Soon. We were unable to play Who Killed the Electric Car? due to technical difficulties however Revenge of the Electric Car played us out just exquisitely as you can see from our official Event Photo with Carlos Ghosn sitting high over #CO2Fre and #MissKitty Car as well as Victor's Focus Electric and (though a cut through like a EV with a petroleum tank) Dennis's inimitable silver Volt.
Richmond Richmond, VA Richmond's first NDEW was a big success! We helped dozens of people see electric vehicles as a fun, practical transportation alternative through a variety of events during the week. There were free screenings of "Kick Gas" and "The Electric Road Trip" in Richmond and Chesterfield County. EVs were available for test drives all week long at four local auto dealerships. Two of the dealers also brought vehicles to the EV Meetup and Rally at the Science Museum of Virginia. The meetup brought together both EV owners and enthusiasts to chat, get information from vendors, and hear an informal discussion on EV technology from four panelists. Ken Burridge, editor of and an environmental reporter based in Virginia Beach, was the moderator for the discussion.
Issaquah Issaquah, WA Program at noon featured SEVA President Stephen Johnsen, Senior Policy Adviser on Transportation Charles Knutson from Gov. Jay Inslee's office, King County Council Chair Larry Phillips, Issaquah Mayor Fred Butler, and PIA Chief Science Officer Tom Saxton. Highlights of the show were John Wayland's White Zombie from Portland, the Issaquah High School Robotics Team, Boeing's two Green Van vehicles used inside the plant, and Dave Cloud's first conversion vehicle from 20 years ago. Vehicles on display represented more than 1 million oil-free miles driven!
Liberty Lake Liberty Lake, WA Had a great event Steve Peterson Mayor. Dan Dunne Council member and Katy Allen city administration attended, Steve promised charging stations throughout the city center and at the Library. The local KREM 2 came out and we made it to the evening news, university of Idaho came with their Formula hybrid. I estimate 350 came through the event and lots got to try test drives. We had a great lunch and a several people attended a show and tell of my solar system after the event. The newes clip and picture movie are now under the news links. Thanks all for coming thanks to ITRON installed a second charger. Until next year Jørgen
Pasco Pasco, WA This year's event was held at the Franklin county PUD building in Pasco, WA which showcases solar panels, LED lighting, and educational energy-savings devices such as heat pump water heaters and programmable thermostats. Vic Hubbard and Todd Blackman of the PUD were in attendance and provided some interesting incites from the PUD perspective. Since Pasco is a smaller and blue collar or farming oriented working-class city than either Kennewick or Richland, the number of attendees was reduced from the previous year. Also, since we are a fairly small chapter of the EVA and can't seem to get volunteers interested in helping plan, organize, and arrange a larger event. In a sense of fairness, we will located next year's event in Kennewick (if a suitable location can be arranged). Also, I will update this page with a suitable photo when I get a chance to download one.
Steilacoom Steilacoom, WA Dick Muri, 28th District State of Washington Representative Position # 1 (Event Captain who gave briefing on state policy and goals for EVs) Ron Lucas, Mayor Town of Steilacoom (gave welcoming speech and discuss regional efforts) Jason Pierce, Steilacoom Historical School Board of Directors (discuss upcoming school district efforts to buy and welcome EVs).
Wenatchee Wenatchee, WA None
Calgary Calgary, AB Thousands of Calgarians witnessed 24 electric vehicles taking over almost an entire block in the heart of downtown Calgary. Combined the electric vehicles on display had a combined mileage of nearly 320,000 km (200,000 miles)! It was a beautiful and sunny day which was a relief given unprecedented snowfall pounding the city in early September. Many enthusiastic members of the public saw electric vehicles for the first time and learned more about the advantages of "Driving Electric" from knowledgeable owners. This was the inaugural public event of the recently founded Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA) and the largest gathering of electric vehicles in Alberta ever. We are excited to make NDEW 2015 bigger and better with a larger venue that can accommodate test rides for all to experience electric first hand!
Victoria Victoria, BC Our event went well. Better than I expected and as well as I had hoped. Over the week we reach more than 200 people at a personal conversation level, and with only 15 EVs and less than a $1000, we staged 17 mini-events and one main ride & drive event, providing something like 100 personal in-car experiences of electric vehicles. The kind of experiences that are known to be turning points for motorists considering switching to electric drive.
Winnipeg Winnipeg, MB The weather was rainy and cool. Several vehicles and people did not attend as expected. We had another high profile event in our city. Attendance was lower than expected. Many people with their vehicles did attend. The rain stopped by 3:00 and then the public started to arrive. Attendees were very curious about our vehicles, asked challenging questions and enjoyed rides in a wide range of vehicles. Considering conditions the participation was very good. We enjoyed showing our vehicles and answering questions. The star of our group was a Tesla Model S which travelled 59000 km last year; Rob saved $8,900 using electricity instead of gas.
Etobicoke Etobicoke, ON LOL We had a TESLA S Performance who took many people for a flight. Wow! My neck is still recovering. We also had a Cadillac ELR that drew a lot of attention. So, 1 Cadillac ELR, 4 Volts, 8 LEAFs, 2 TESLA Ss, 1 Ford Focus e, 1 Mitsubishi iMEV, 2 Smart For Two e, 1 Plug in Toyota Prius. CHCH TV from Hamilton was present and did a nice reporting of the event for their 6 and 11 o'clock news. (My friends posted on FB that they saw me as I answered questions on camera.) It seemed that of the families who were present, it was the fathers who were encouraging the family to invest in an EV. But also, it was a female whose real estate company had their employees looking at EVs as contemporary transportation to transport clients to prospective houses. We had one BEV - unicycle. ;) All in all, it was a very good day for EV owners and guests; much better than I had expected.
Hamilton Hamilton, ON This event was combined with our monthly Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA) meeting. We had 35 GHEVA members come out. It was held at the North Wentworth Arena which has 10 Sun Country Highway EV charging stations. This site has hockey players coming and going all the time so about 200 people saw the display. After the outdoor portion of the event (5-7:45pm) we went into a meeting room for a presentation by Brian Montgomery from the City of Hamilton's Climate Change department. 21 people participated in the climate change presentation. No media coverage.
Mississauga Mississauga, ON Chantal Guimont, new president and CEO at Electric Mobility Canada, was there. It was such a rainy day (mostly during the event, from 5 PM to 7PM) that very few people from the general public came to test drive EVs. Lets hope it will be sunny next year!
Ottawa Ottawa, ON The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson opened the event.
Boucherville Boucherville, QC Beautiful sunny day. Mayor of Boucherville as well as many other dignitaries were there. Tons of volunteers.
Gatineau Gatineau, QC A beautiful part of Quebec, right near Ottawa (our national capital). Many Leafs, Volts and even Teslas participated as you can see by our "parade" picture...
Trois-Rivières Trois-Rivières, QC Nice day in Drummondville, between Quebec City and Montreal.
Saskatoon Saskatoon, SK I made a short presentation on the impact of going electric/plug-in on greenhouse gas emissions and made the point that with todays vehicles you can actually save lots of money and do the planet a favor at the same time.

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