National Drive Electric Week

Drive Electric Event
Memphis, TN
Sep 25, 2013

Day: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Location: Memphis, TN 38111
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Event Report

Today's event was a BIG success!
We had a Fedex VP of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability as keynote speaker, 13 EV owners brought cars and more spectators than we expected. Paul Young with Sustainable Shelby and Lora Jobe from Senator Lamar Alexander's office were in attendance.
As the EVs showed up at the Central Library it attracted so much attention we decided to drop the parade and left the EVs in the display area, parked in circular fashion around a beach canopy and helium balloons.
The t-shirts from TDEC were a hit.
Of interest to attendees was one speaker's home solar system, allowing him to earn enough revenue from selling his power to the utility to provide for all his EVs fuels needs+.
Several EV owners took passengers for rides.
2 local TV stations taped interviews. We had 100 people in attendance, 29 registered online. 2 Teslas, a Mitsubishi, 2 Volts, an ATV, an electric bicycle, 8 Leafs and a Prius.
33 people signed up for an EV Club in Shelby County.

photo by: Joe Ozegovich
Paul Rice, making things happen!

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The event is pending. Please visit the Attend page to find other National Drive Electric Week events.

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