National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Why Long-Range Plug in Hybrid EVs? / Celebrate Andy Frank’s 90th Birthday
, United States
Oct 01, 2023

Note: This is an online only event with no physical location.
Day: Sunday, October 1, 2023
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm PDT
Audience: , United States, Local Area
Panelists: Tom Bradley, Colorado State University, Bob Graham, retired from EPRI, DOE, and SCE, Dahlia Garas, UC Davis and Professor Andy Frank, retired
Host: Strong PHEV Coalition
Topics: Battery Technology
Environmental Benefits
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 Virtual webinar with a panel of EV and utility pioneers will discuss all the latest in plug in hybrid technology and make the case for long-range PHEVs as a long-term solution.  For example, why does the CA Air Resource Board and US Environmental Protection Agency require or encourage long range PHEVs in the future?   We will also celebrate the 90th Birthday of UC Davis Professor Andy Frank, father of the modern PHEV.   Andy will share his hopes for the future and his many accomplishments. Also, we will discuss the new PHEV history archive at UC Davis.   Event Sponsor: Strong PHEV Coalition 


Tony Posawatz: CEO, Fermata Energy, Board Director numerous companies, Electric Drive Pioneer and Vehicle Line Director, Chevrolet Volt

Tom Bradley, PhD: Head of the Department of Systems Engineering, Colorado State University, Ft Collins, one of the leading PHEV researchers, and co-chair Strong PHEV Coalition 

Bob Graham: retired, led influential PHEV study 1999-2001 for EPRI, career also included transportation electrification for Southern California Edison and US Department of Energy. Currently co-chair Strong PHEV Coalition 

Dahlia Garas: Research program director, EV Research Center at UC Davis – new home of the PEV history archive  

Andy Frank, PhD: one of clean transportation's most influential figures, the recognized father of the modern plug-in hybrid vehicle. Frank's 50-year legacy includes designing, building and advocating for PHEVs with a long all-electric range, producing over 50 PHEV patents, and designing an EV1 PHEV at GM's request. Frank resides in assisted living and uses a walker, but still writes technical papers, helps the influential Strong Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Coalitionremains sharp and eager to talk about his work.

photos:  Professor Andy Frank, UCD Davis student-built PHEVs, Andy Frank, Roger Duncan, Mark Duvall and others at PHEV hearing, Washington DC

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