National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Cars are Overrated: e-Bikes, Buses, and Box Trucks, Oh My!
Sep 25, 2021

Note: This is an online only event with no physical location.
Day: Saturday, September 25, 2021 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT
Audience: United States National
Panelists: Carlos Morales, Charles-Ryan Barber, Arleigh Greenwald, Sam Starr, Andrea Learned, Nathaniel Horadam, Jason Henderson, Stacey Randecker Bartlett, Praveen Kathpal
Host: ZDS Communications
Recording: view the recorded presentation.
Topics: Buses
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Event Report

Please view our webinar recording and see a list of actions, below, we all can take to advance sustainable transportation. The first National Drive Electric Week event to switch the focus from personal cars to "riding" instead of "driving" explored such issues as:
  • Accelerating e-bike adoption
  • Viewing e-bikes as a means of transportation, not just recreation
  • Using e-cargo-bikes instead of gas-powered delivery vehicles
  • Designing cities that are friendlier to e-bikes, e-cargo-bikes and the like
  • Solving barriers to mass transit ridership
  • Equitably addressing the density we need to reduce car-dominated culture
  • The mental and physical health benefits of riding e-bikes, especially in a group
  • Communicating joy as a means of increasing ridership, opinions and policy
  • The downsides of a car-dominated culture and the dubious need for speed and local long-distance travel
  • Subscription services for e-bikes and EVs
  • Getting policy makers on bikes to equitably accelerate e-bike adoption
  • How people with prosthetics and disabilities can benefit from electric mobility advancements
  • Autonomous vehicle progress 
  • Small e-mobility policy
  • The need to prevent the electrification of vehicles coming at the expense of mass transit expansion
  • The need for an "all of the above" approach to meet climate goals in time

From our panelists: Concrete actions to take to advance sustainable transportation   

Stacey Randecker-Bartlett: Test ride an e-bike and have fun! 

Charles-Ryan Barber: Bring fun back to electric mobility and try a new form of e-transport.

Arleigh Greenwald: Test ride an electric bike or take a friend for an e-bike ride.

Jason Henderson: Get engaged in local and state politics. Consider distance and speed in your life; can you slow down areas of your life?

Nathaniel Horadam: Get involved in local and state politics and pressure public utility regulators to do the right thing.

Praveen Kathpal: Share the message in your family and network, especially if they don’t know much about it.

Andrea Learned: Use your social media platforms to normalize and promote e-biking and to “love up” politicians who are pro-bike and climate action.

Ashley Lovell: My climate action would be: Replace your car trips with ebike trips, and scale up your climate impact by engaging in political advocacy!

Carlos Morales: Be the change you want to see in the world. Create the change we all need and want.

photo by: Zan Dubin-Scott, ZDS Communications
Carlos Morales, owner of Stan's Bike Shop in Asuza, CA and one of nine webinar panelists, discussed the "game-over" joy of bike riding, among other topics.

Event Description


Your NDEW founders are taking a different turn this year, given the soaring popularity of electric bikes, cargo bikes & scooters & the proliferation of carsharing & subscription services. We'll also investigate other forms of climate-friendly transportation: public transit, including zero-emission busses, rail, even freight. Autonomous vehicles, too. Our event will stream live Sept. 25. 

Learn how to leave your car at home for a fun, clean ride

Expect lively, frank analysis, Q&A & videos 

We'll ask: With cars, bikes & public transit all sharing the road, how can we all get along?

Part I: E-biking 101: A panel to help you get moving on two electrified wheels. 

Moderator: Ash Lovell, electric bicycle policy/campaign director, People for Bikes

  • Arleigh Greenwald, a.k.a. the Bike Shop Girl, is a product marketing manager with Tern Bicycles, a leader in bicycle design, manufacture and sales. Arleigh has helped many get started cycling and advocates for the e-cargo bike's ability to replace car journeys where feasible.
  • Stacey Randecker Bartlett is working to accelerate bicycle adoption of renewably powered EVs, autonomous vehicles and micro-mobility to help reduce death from car crashes and auto-related pollution.
  • Charles-Ryan Barber rides an array of e-micromobility including bikes, motorbikes and motorcycles, a hoverboard and a unicycle--all with the use of one human leg, only. As such, this acrobat and trapeze artist is a test pilot for next-gen prosthetics and electric mobility, a walking EV on a computerized leg, batteries included.

Part II: Are Cars Overrated?: Should personal vehicles, even if electric, continue to dominate our cities & roads? How do we equitably include micro-mobility, mass transit & other modes in the transportation transformation before us? Where do autonomous vehicles fit in? Our expert panel will help us all get along.

Moderator:  Zan Dubin-Scott, co-founder, National Drive Electric Week
  • Andrea Learned is an author and climate-influence advisor, corporate sustainability strategist, podcast co-host (Bike Talk) and curator of  #Bikes4Climate conversations. Her take on accelerating e-bike adoption has made her one of our most persuasive voices.
  • Sam Starr is a Vancouver, BC-based independent consultant on a mission to advance sustainable transport and cycle logistics across North America. His vision includes replacing gas-powered goods-delivery vans, where appropriate, with electric cargo bikes, a.k.a. eCargobikes, which are key to sustainable first- and last-mile commercial solutions and more livable cities.
  • Jason Henderson is San Francisco State University professor of geography & environment. His research focuses on the politics of mobility and examines how culture, history, politics and economics shape transportation. His work is motivated by the need for rapid and accelerated decarbonization and efforts to build compact, car-free and cycling cities globally. 
  • Carlos Morales is founder of the Eastside Bike Club and its popular annual Tour De Taco ride across the San Gabriel Valley. He is the owner of Stan's Bike Shop and appears in the documentary, "MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra)." He's an expert on bicycling and e-bikes within the local and national LatinX community.
  • Praveen Kathpal is president of Motor, a company working with individuals, businesses and utilities to accelerate the adoption of electric cars through a personal electric car subscription service and car-sharing fleet in Indianapolis. Motor also has an online EV buying tool.
  • Nathaniel Horadam is a managing consultant and automated vehicle specialist with the Atlanta-based nonprofit Center for Transportation and the Environment, where he supports projects involving automated vehicle and battery electric bus technologies.

Charles-Ryan Barber, Andrea Learned, Carlos Morales

Sam Starr, Arleigh Greenwald, Stacey Randecker Bartlett

Jason Henderson, Nathaniel Horadam, Paveen Kathpal

Thanks to our sponsor, L.A. Works, the volunteer action center that creates and implements hands-on community service projects throughout Los Angeles. L.A. Works' participation is part of California Climate Action Week, a program initiated by Gov. Gavin Newsom to offer Californians opportunities to address the climate crisis. 

L.A. Works and ZDS Communications acknowledge our presence on the ancestral and unceded territory of Tongva and Chumash peoples and, especially as we observe the damage done to Earth, pay our respects to those who held this space before us. 

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