National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Ithaca, NY
Sep 26-Oct 04, 2020

Note: This is an online only event with no physical location.
Days: September 26-October 4, 2020 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Time: 11 am - 4 pm
Audience: Ithaca, NY, Local Area
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Topics: EV 101
Driving Experience
Environmental Benefits
Home Charging
Used EVs
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Event Report

Thank you for your interest and participation in our electric vehicle (EV) program! 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Laozi

You might not be ready to switch to an EV yet, but you can plant the seed. It is almost too easy to go with the familiar when you do need to replace your vehicle. Join our programs and follow us on Facebook for neutral, evidence-based information from multiple perspectives. When it's time to switch, you'll be ready!

Special thanks
We want to thank Nicholas Wurst and Marcus Crandall of Maguire Chevrolet and Cadillac of Ithaca for their generous support. The virtual test drive would not have been possible without them!

The Plug In America team for their hard work and support. 

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County for allowing us to use their EV video resources.

A big thanks to Electrify America

EV resources
Our EV interviews and test drives continue to be accessible at the following links:
Let's continue the conversation and education at Tompkins Electric Vehicle Network Facebook

photo by: Lee Yoke Lee
Our online program culminated in an in-person gathering (socially distanced with face masks of course!) at a local park. It was nice to meet old friends and make new ones.

More photos from this event.

Event Description


The co-city captains of NDEW Ithaca 2020 are proud to present a week-long online program on electric vehicles (EVs) starting on Saturday September 26th, culminating in an in-person EV gathering at Stewart Park on Sunday October 4th.

Visit any of the following links to access the online content:

RSVP for our socially-distanced EV cruise, Oct 4th 11 from Stewart Park to Summerhill Brewery. We'll be at Stewart Park for an hour from 11 am to allow visitors to chat with EV owners and pick up educational brochures. Please wear your face masks and maintain 6 feet distance from one another.

Online Program (September 26 - Sunday October 4th)

Saturday September 26th: EV 101
Heard about EVs but not sure what to make of them? This 10-minute presentation gives a broad overview of EVs, how they are charged, incentives available, and addresses EV common misperceptions to help you make an informed decision.

Are you new to EVs? Let us know by filling out our survey to win prizes!

Sunday September 27th: History of EVs
Interview with the Northeast Classic Car Museum on the history of EVs

Monday September 28th: Virtual test drive in a Volkswagen e-Golf (used BEV)
Despite state and federal tax incentives, many may still find EVs a tad pricier than their gasoline counterparts. Fortunately, many EVs coming off leases are being sold at surprisingly affordable prices. In this interview, you will learn from the experience of a city planner who decided to jump into the EV world after her old vehicle was totaled in an accident. She will talk about her experience driving locally, how she prepared her home for charging, and managing the electric range of the e-Golf in colder weather.

Tuesday September 29th: Virtual test drive with a Subaru Crosstrek PHEV owner
One of the most requested feature in an EV is all-wheel drive (AWD) as it increased driver confidence for handling icy and snowy road conditions, a situation not uncommon here in Northeast America. In this video interview, we learn from a professor on how he decided that his PHEV needed to be AWD, high ground clearance, and affordable.

Wednesday September 30th: A case study on fleet greening by a government agency
What happens when a government agency is due to replace its aging fleet of Ford Focuses? Can it do better than the relatively fuel efficient model that staff have come to know and love? In this video case study, we follow the journey of the Tompkins County Health Department who set an exemplary process for swapping out their gasoline vehicles for BEVs (for shorter trips to visit clients) and PHEVs (for out of city trips).

Thursday October 1: Virtual test drive with a prospective EV owner in a Hyundai Kona Electric
So you have done your homework, read the reviews, manufacturer sites, and technology blogs. What's next? Why, a test drive, of course! In this video interview, we learn from an energy educator about his test drive experience with a local dealership.

Friday October 2: Virtual test drive with sales representative in a new EV

How should you prepare for a visit to the local dealership? In this video interview, we learn from a local dealership how they prepare for your visit and field typical questions about the EVs in their inventory.

Saturday October 3: Virtual test drive with sales representative in a used EV
Used EVs are affordable option. In this video interview, we learn from a local dealership the processes for procuring EVs and how they prepare them for sale. They will also field typical questions about used EVs in their inventory.

Sunday October 4: Virtual test drive in a leased Honda Clarity (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle - PHEV)

PHEVs are a great way to get started with driving electric. Many PHEV owner come away from their experience realizing that most of their commute are short distances, helping them transition confidently to battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). In this video interview, you will learn from the experience of a city planner and her husband who decided that they needed a second vehicle for their household and decided to lease a PHEV while awaiting better EV models to come to the market.

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