National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Washington, DC
Sep 18, 2016

Day: Sunday, September 18, 2016 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Time: 10-4
Location: 3rd St between the National Mall and the US Capitol
100 3rd St NW
Washington, DC 20216
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Event Report

Several people took rides in one of our Nissan Leafs and the yellow Tesla Roadster, especially after we taped on signs saying "Free Electric Car Rides". I also had an interesting conversation with a cabbie who stopped by in his Kia Soul EV taxi. In DC, there is a fleet of something like 50 Leaf taxis and 5 Kia Soul EV taxis. He said he drives a couple hundred miles a day and does about 2 quick charges. He also said there is always a line of taxis at the handful of DC quick chargers downtown.

We turned on several folks who left really excited about EV's, especially those who did the Leaf ride-and-drive.

photo by: Scott Wilson
Two Tesla Roasters, the parked one owned by Kurt Harpold, the yellow one being driven by Geoffrey Kinsey.

Event Description


National Drive Electric Week Capstone Event

September 18, 10 am-4pm, 3rd St between the National Mall and the US Capitol, Washington DC

Mall, National Mall, Washington DC

Want to stop buying gasoline, or buy a lot less of it?  Come learn about electric vehicles!  We’ll have owners available to answer questions!

See several models of plug-in cars in one place, for easy comparison.  Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Tesla Model S and many more.

Hear how people charge their cars daily, mostly at home.

If you’re already driving a plug-in, join us!  Register above to attend.

panorama, capitol, washington DC

Learn how EV’s are far cheaper to run, even now with current “low” gas prices.

Learn about workplace charging.

See how to find public charging near where you work and shop.

plugshare, washington DC

Find out how you can have a plug-in car in an apartment, row house or townhouse.

You’ve heard the news stories; now come hear the truth from people who actually drive EV’s and love them.

Find out what incentives are available in DC, MD and VA.

Get comfortable with having a plug-in car in your life.  It’s a fabulous feeling of independence to decouple yourself from gasoline!

Get a ride in an electric car.  Feel the torque!

Learn how driving on electricity helps our national energy security.

Learn how driving on electricity helps the environment, even on the grid as it exists today.

Learn how driving on electricity helps your family’s economy.  And how used, affordable EV’s in great shape are showing up on the market.

Many people could be driving electric today but don’t realize it.  Find out if an EV would work for you from real folks who drive them.

Registered Attendees

There are currently 81 attendees registered.

Owners of These Vehicles Have Registered To Attend

Vehicle Registered
Tesla Model S 5
BMW i3 REx 2
Chevrolet Volt 2
Chevy Spark EV 2
Ford Focus Electric 2
Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) 2
Kia Soul EV 1
Tesla Model X 1
Tesla Roadster 1
9 Models 18

Registered attendees report 300,950 electric miles driven.

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