National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 20, 2014

Day: Saturday, September 20, 2014 NOTE: this event has already happened, find current-year events on the Attend page.
Time: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Schone Lucht Rally Amsterdam
Mt. Ondinaweg 15-17
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact the event organizers, which took place in 2014.


On the 20th of September 2014 The Netherlands will once again take center stage in terms of electric mobility & clean air. Aiming to create a platform of electric mobility in which socially responsible CEOs, politicians, journalists, current electric drivers and especially future electric drivers will participate in over 1000 electric vehicles driving across the Netherlands in 10 different rally’s during the 4th edition of the Clean Air Rally, previously known as the Amsterdam E-Challenge and the PP Electric Rall


This years’ event will have a special focus on children and youngsters. The electric mobility movement is gaining size, attention and importance throughout each year that passes by. The revolution is happening right now! We believe it is our duty to create a better planet with cleaner cars and cleaner air for our children. To get their attention and create interest in electric mobility a specific Clean Air Rally tuition package has been developed for and distributed amongst 6000 primary schools in the Netherlands. Furthermore children can participate in a fun quiz testing their knowledge about electric mobility and design their ‘Car of the Future’, both promoted through advertorials in popular childrens’ magazines. These initiatives encourage children to discuss electric mobility with their parents and inspire them to participate in the Clean Air Rally. During the Clean Air Rally a special ‘Kids’ version of the roadbook will be provided in order for children to actively participate as a navigator(s) besides an adult driver.

 10 Cities | 10 Clean Air Rally’s

In order to have a massive impact throughout the Netherlands, 10 rally’s will be hosted in 10 different cities at the same time. The main event will have it’s venue in the city of The Hague (Den Haag). Where, besides the rally, a symposium, an E-Car pavilion, an E-Network event and a kids E-park will also be offered.

E-Network event

Shortly after finishing the Clean Air Rally at the main event in the beautiful city of The Hague, participants are invited for the E-Network event. While enjoying a well deserved drink, the Award Ceremony will take place where obviously the day’s best drivers will claim their prizes. Besides the Clean Air Rally awards, the E-Network event will most likely also host the Award cermony of this year’s E-Mobility awards. These annual awards in 5 different categories will be presented to the most dedicated and progressive companies that actively promote and provide possibilities for Electric Mobility amongst their employees.

E-Car pavilion

During the E-Network event the Clean Air Rally will host an E-Car show on the outside perimeter of the venue. Electric Car manufacturers will be presenting their latest electric models to the participants as well as the general public that passes by.


Due to it’s the sustainable nature, focus at children and participating CEO’s, politicians & public figures, the predeccors have shown substantial media coverage within the Netherlands. We expect this years’ event will have even more and will be actively promoted.


Deze gemeente is gastheer van één van de Schone Lucht Rally’s.
Zodra specifieke informatie over de deelnemers en opening bekend wordt zal dat hier worden gepubliceerd.


13:00   Ontvangst en incheck deelnemers
13:30   Opening Schone Lucht Rally
13:35   Deelnemers briefing
14:00   Start Schone Lucht Rally
15:00   Tussenstop
16:00   Finish Schone Lucht Rally
16:00   Borrel
16:45   Trekking loterij ten bate van Longfonds
17:00   Prijsuitreiking Schone Lucht Rally
18:00   Afsluiting evenement

Ontvangst en incheck

Op de startlocatie zijn de deelnemers vanaf 13:00 uur welkom voor het ontvangst en de incheck. Bij de incheck ontvangen de deelnemers alle zaken die nodig zijn voor het rijden van de rally, zoals het routeboek en de controlekaart. Tevens ontvangen de teams iets te eten en te drinken voor onderweg.

Adres start- & finish locatie:

IJ-kantine (Amsterdam Noord)
Mt. Ondinaweg 15-17, Amsterdam


De opening van de Schone Lucht Rally wordt verzorgd door een prominent persoon. Meer informatie volgt spoedig.

Deelnemers briefing

In de deelnemers briefing wordt de rally, het routeboek en de controlekaart nader toegelicht. Tevens kunnen door de teams vragen worden gesteld


De start van de Schone Lucht Rally wordt verzorgd door een prominent persoon. Meer informatie volgt spoedig.


Vanaf de startlocatie rijden de teams een route van 45-50 km, die ongeveer 2 uur duurt.


Halverwege de route wordt een tussenstop gemaakt, waar de teams een opdracht moeten vervullen.


Vanaf 16:00 uur worden de equipes verwacht op de finishlocatie. De controlekaarten worden door de organisatie ingenomen voor het berekenen van de einduitslag.


Op de finishlocatie vindt een borrel plaats in afwachting van de prijsuitreiking.


De prijsuitreiking wordt verzorgd door een prominent persoon. Deze zal prijzen uitreiken aan de top 3, die prachtige bekers en bloemen ontvangen.


Het evenement komt rond 18:00 uur ten einde.


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